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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can teams register for the Regional Contest if they do not participate in this Preliminary?
Which teams will advance from the Online Preliminary to the Onsite Contest? How are they determined? At most how many teams from the same university can compete onsite?
Will non-local teams be allowed to appeal to compete in the Onsite Contest even if they are not one of the top 45 non-local teams?
If a team participates in this Online Preliminary and is unable to advance to the onsite contest, can it still join two other Asia Regional Contests this year?
Can (strong) teams participate in this Preliminary Contest for practice, eligible to advance (be in the top 12 local/45 non-local teams), but subsequently not joining the associated Regional Contest with intention to join two other Asia Regional Contests this year?
... An Asia Regional Contest Site includes both the On-site Regional contest (tier-2) and the (tier 3) First Round Online Regional Sub-Contest(s). The registration limit of two sites per year per student applies to both Asia Regional Site and their associated Online Regional Sub-contest. (Both tier)The tier-1 and the tier-2 two together form one Asia regional site...

Must our onsite team be the same as the online preliminary team? Are substitutes allowed?
Which Kattis account should we use during the Online Preliminary?