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Last Updated: 2002.05.18

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Document Name Description Format Contributor Date
IRG#19_Delegates_List IRG#19 Delegates List Excel Macao 2002-04-29
workforce contacts Macao host contacts Excel Macao 2002-05-09
Pictures taken during the IRG#19 ZIP IRG 2002-05-09
N927_Add 2 Strokes to C1 Two more ideographic strokes for CJK_C1 MS Word IRG 2002-05-09
N926_M19_RESOLUTIONS IRG#19 Resolutions MS Word IRG 2002-05-09
N925R Review Report on Errors with Unification, Mapping, Source or Glyphs MS Word IRG 2002-05-09
N924 Error Correction MS Word IRG 2002-05-08
N923R Review Report on Error Correction MS Word Encoded CJK Editorial Group 2002-05-08
N922R_ExtC_Editorial_Report Report from the Ext C1 Editorial Group MS Word Ext. C1 Editorial Group 2002-05-08
N921_Activity_ROK Activity Report from R.O.Korea MS Word R.O.Korea 2002-05-06
N920_DefectReport_V Defect Report from Viet Nam MS Word Vietnam 2002-05-05
N919_InvitationFor20Meeting Invitation and Information for Hanoi IRG#20 Meeting MS Word Vietnam 2002-05-03
N918_VStatus National Status Report in Viet Nam MS Word Vietnam 2002-05-05
N917_Activity_HK HKSAR Activity Report MS Word HKSAR 2002-04-30
N916 Comments on Japan's Proposal on Error Correction on Unified Ideographs in UCS PDF China 2002-05-03
N915 Font production and the IRG PDF China 2002-05-03
N914 Variants within the CJK Unified Ideographs PDF China 2002-05-02
N912_Macao_Activity_Report Macao Activity Report PDF Macao 2002-04-29
N911_6 Font Error in CJK B.pdf 6 font errors in CJK14.0 PDF Wang Xiao Ming 2002-04-22
N910 Comments on WG2 M41.9: Single column for Unified CJK Ideogrpahs of ISO/IEC 10646-1 PDF Japan 2002-04-20
N909.pdf Comments on IRGN869: Font errors in Super CJK PDF Japan 2002-04-23
N908.pdf Comments on IRG M856 PDF Japan 2002-04-30
CJK Extension C1 Version 1.0 ZIP/PDF IRG 2002-04-18 Reference on Ideograph Variants zip Dr. Lu Qin (HKSAR) 2002-04-21
N905.pdf New Work proposal for a basic subset of CJK Unified Ideographs PDF Japan 2002-04-22
N904.pdf A Font Error in Extension-B Code Chart & in SuperCJK PDF Japan 2002-04-02
N903 Proposal: Error correction on Unified ideographs in UCS PDF Japan 2002-03-25
N902 Reconsidering request:Font supoply guide for UCS develeopment PDF Japan 2002-03-25
N901 Japan Activity Report ZIP/PDF Japan 2002-04-22
N900-Unicode_C1 CJK Extension C1 from Unicode ZIP/PDF Unicode 2002-04-18
N899-Singapore_C1 CJK Extension C1 from Singapore ZIP/PDF Singapore 2002-04-18
N898-VietNam_C1 CJK Extension C1 from VietNam ZIP/PDF Vietnam 2002-04-18
N897-DPRKorea_C1 CJK Extension C1 from DPRKorea ZIP/PDF DPRKorea 2002-04-18
N896-Korea_C1 CJK Extension C1 from Korea ZIP/PDF Korea 2002-04-18
N895-Japan_C1 CJK Extension C1 from Japan ZIP/PDF Japan 2002-04-18
N894-Macau_C1 CJK Extension C1 from Macau ZIP/PDF Macau 2002-04-18
N893-Hongkong_C1 CJK Extension C1 from Hong Kong ZIP/PDF Hong Kong 2002-04-18
N892-TCA_C1 CJK Extension C1 from TCA ZIP/PDF TCA 2002-04-18
N891-China_C1 CJK Extension C1 from China ZIP/PDF China 2002-04-18
N888_Info_MacaoSAR IRG#19 (Macao) Agenda MS WORD Zhang Zhoucai; IRG Rapporteur 2002-03-11
N887_Info_MacaoSAR IRG#19 (Macao) Info MS WORD MACAO 2002-03-11