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Meeting Agenda(Last update: 10:50am, 2006.06.08)


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Date first assignment


IRGN 1236 Word, PDF 1st Call for IRG Meeting #27(Separate logistics document submitted by China is available in IRGN 1229) Rapporteur 2006.09.06
IRG N1235 C1 Evidence: Unicode Unicode 2006.08.30
IRG N1234(table only, complete documents with original image is too large to upload). You can request a copy from the Rapporteur in IRG meeting 27) C1 Evidence: R.O. Korea R.O. Korea 2006.08.29
IRG N1233 remove one T-source character from CJK-C1 TCA 2006.08.22
IRG N1232Part1 , Part2, Part3 C1 Evidence: TCA TCA 2006.08.21
IRG N1231(revised version on 29/08/06) C1 Evidence: Vietnam Vietnam 2006.08.18
IRG N1230 C1 J Source removal Japan 2006.08.18
IRG N 1229 Logistics Information of IRG Meeting No. 27, Sanya, Hainan   (available later) China 2006.08.14
IRG N 1228 C1 Evidence: Macao SARG Macao SARG 2006.08.15
IRG N 1227 C1 Evidence: PRC submission( Very  large for upload. Can be provided in IRG 27) China 2006.08.14
IRG N 1226 C1 Submission Summary Form Chief Editor 2006.08.14
IRG N1225Part1, Part2, Part3 C1 Evidence: Japan's Submission Japan 2006.08.14
IRG N1224 U Set inclusion in C1(to be confirmed later) Japan 2006.08.04
WG2N3019 WG2 document as a reference for submission of scripts with evidence Michael Everson 2006.06.07
Compressed in .RAR form: IRG N1223 Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4


Compressed in .ZIP form: IRG N1223 Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4


C1 V7.0 Chief Editor 2006.06.07
IRG N1222(newly uploaded) Fonts format for C1 Chief Editor 2006.06.07
IRG N1221 Suggestion of Changing meeting location of IRG#27 China 2006.06.06
IRG N1220 Supplementary Notes to IRGN1219 on C1 China 2006.06.06
IRG N1219 Suggestion to C1 China 2006.06.06
IRG N1218 Response to WG2 on related issues in SC2 N3814 IRG 2006.06.05
IRG N1217 Proposition to drop IRGN1212 from China China 2006.06.07
IRG N1216(Attachment A1, A2, A3) Report of C1 Editorial Group IRG C1 Editorial Group 2006.06.05
IRG N1215 Report of Old Hanzi Expert Group Old Hanzi Expert Group 2006.06.05
IRG N1214(Appendix A1, A2) Old Hanzi TCA Collection TCA 2006.06.05
IRG N1213 Proposal of China delegation on Old Hanzi Work China 2006.06.05
IRG N1212 Proposed dis-unification of 2 strokes China 2006.06.05
IRG N1211 IRG Meeting 26 Meeting schedule Rapporteur 2006.06.05
IRG N1210 IRG Meeting 26 Resolution Rapporteur 2006.06.05
WG2N3104pdf(WG2N3104 .doc


WG2 Meeting #48 Resolution and SC2 Meeting #14 Resolution WG2 /SC2 2006.06.05
IRG N1209 IRG Meeting #26 Minutes Repporteur 2006.06.05
IRG N1208(Appendix A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6) 1183 Characters expected to be added to C1 V6.0 China 2006.06.05
IRG N1207 IRG #26 Welcome Speech Prof. John Balaban 2006.06.05
IRG N1206 Email List Wu Jian 2006.06.05
IRG N1205 Participants List Wu Jian 2006.06.05
IRG N1204 CJK_C1 Status Before IRG#26 Chen Zhuang 2006.06.02
IRG N1203 Proposition of CJK-C1 development Japan 2006.06.02
IRG N1202 Macao SARG Comments on C1 Macao SARG 2006.06.01
IRG N1201 DPRK Comments on C1 DPRK 2006.06.01
IRG N1200

IRG #27 Taipei meeting Logistic Information

TCA 2006.06.01
IRG N1199

(Attachment1_glyphs, Attachement2_Source)

Chinese preliminary proposal for the possible CJK_C2
China 2006.06.01
IRG N1198
Proposition to drop one Japan's character from C1 candidate
Japan 2006.05.30
IRG N1197
Sample evidences for CJK C1 candidates
Japan 2006.05.30
IRG N1196 Macau SARG activity report Macaus SARG 2006.05.30
IRG N1195 2nd Call for IRG 26 Rapporteur 2006.05.18
IRG N1194 CJK C1 6.1 Editor 2006.05.18
IRG N1193 Vietnam Activity Report Vietnam 2006.05.18
IRG N1192 Unicode Activity Report Unicode 2006.05.18
IRG N1191 Unassigned    
IRG N1190 TCA Activity Report TCA 2006.05.18
IRG N1189 R.O.Korea  Activity Report R. O. Korea 2006.05.18
IRG N1188 China Activity Report China 2006.05.18
IRG N1187 Japan Activity Report Japan 2006.05.16
IRG N1186 HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2006.05.12


1st call for IRG 26 Rapporteur 2006.02.10