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IRGN 1279 CJK Ext. D. VietNam Submission Vietnam 2007.03.02
IRGN 1278 CJK Ext. D Unicode Submission Unicode 2007.03.02
IRGN 1277 CJK Ex.t D Japan Submission Japan 2007.03.02
IRGN 1276 CJK Ext. D China Submission China 2007.03.02
IRGN 1275 CJK Ext. D DPRK Submission DPRK 2007.03.02
IRGN 1274 Proposal to Include Macao Supplementary Characters into ISO/IEC 10646 (Adjustment)" Macao SARG 2007.01.11
IRGN 1273 CJK Ext. D. V1.1 IRG 2006.11.30
IRGN 1272 CJK Ext. D V1.0 IRG 2006.11.30
IRGN 1271 Old Hanzi Principles and References (Version 2) Old Hanzi Group 2006.11.29
IRGN 1270(RFC_3743) Review of IICore on the Issue of Safe Characters of UTS 36 Rapporteur 2006.11.28
IRGN 1269 Chinese proposal on future IRG meetings P.R. China 2006.11.28
IRGN 1268 KP Source Reference for Ext. C1 DPRK 2006.11.27
IRGN 1267 Old Hanzi Group Report IRG 2006.11.27
IRGN1266(Appendix A: CJK C source reference, Appendix B1: CJK C1 remainder mapping table, Appendix B2: CJK C1 remainder Chart) CJK Editorial Group Report

(Appendix B2 is too large for uploading, please ask the Rapporteur for the file)

IRG 2006.11.27
IRGN1265 Proposal to add C1 of KP characters DPRK 2006.11.27
IRGN1264 Submission of 57 Characters of Place Names for Ext. D P.R. China 2006.11.27
IRGN1263Part1, Part2, Part3 IRG # 27 Meeting Minutes IRG(by Peter W.H. Cheng) 2006.11.27
IRGN1262(appendix Part1, part2, Part3) Ext. D submission, PRC P.R. China 2006.11.27

IRGN1261AppendixA(Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5)

Old Hanzi Collection from China (Radical 1 to 80 in Shuowen Jiezi)(The appendix files are too large for posting, so they will be distributed at the meeting only) P.R.China 2006.11.26
IRGN1260 IRG Meeting #27 Resolution IRG 2006.11.26
IRGN1259 Email List IRG 2006.11.26
IRGN1258 Participant List IRG 2006.11.26
IRGN1257.pdf Extension D Characters Unicode 2006.11.26
IRGN1256 7 Additional characters for Ext. C Unicode 2006.11.26
IRGN1255 Old Hanzi Repertoire (The electronic version with individual images are too large to be uploaded So the data will be distributed at the meeting upon need basis) TCA 2006.11.24
IRGN1254 IRG #28 Taipei Meeting Logistics TCA 2006.11.24
IRGN1253 ( Not used)    
IRGN1252 Unicode/USA Activity Report Unicode 2006.11.26
IRGN1251 Request to add new characters in the CJK D Japan 2006. 11. 17
Request for Removal of Characters from CJK D work
Japan 2006.11.17
IRGN1249 and Appendix Macao Information System Character Set Macao SARG 2006.11.07
IRGN1248 Vietnam Activity Report Vietnam 2006.11.07
IRGN1247 TCA Activity Report TCA 2006.11.07
IRGN1246 P.R. China Activity Report China 2006.11.07
IRGN1245 ROKorea Activity Report ROKorea 2006.11.07
IRGN1244 Japan Activity Report Japan 2006.11.07
IRGN1243 Macao SARG Activity Report Macao SARG 2006.11.07
IRGN1242 HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2006.11.07


Proposed IRG Errata Report and Document Management draft by Chen Zhuang, final document by IRG 2006.11.07
IRGN1240 draft

IRG 1240 ( Mapping table)

C1 Multi-column Code Chart for Amendment 4 IRG(Wang Xiao Ming) 2006.11.07
IRGN1239 WG2 #49 Resolution WG2 2006.11.07
IRGN1238_2ndCallIRG27 Second Call for IRG27 Rapporteur 2006.11.07

Attachment A(APart1,APart2, APart3)

Attachment B

C1 Submission Summary Form (this is the same as the IRG N1226). Attachment A including three documents are C1V8.0 final version for WG2. IRG 2006.08.14
IRGN 1237 DPRK Evidence DPRK 2006.09.09
IRGN1236_1stCallIRG27 (pdf)

IRGN1236_1stCallIRG27 (Word)

First call for IRG27 Rapporteur 2006.09.06
IRG N 1229 Logistics Information of IRG Meeting No. 27, Sanya, Hainan   (available later) China 2006.08.14