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IRGN 1488 Plenary Meeting Notes (Unconfirmed Minutes) Peter Cheng 2008.06.20
IRGN 1487 HKSAR comments on revision of N1465 (IRG Principles and Procedures Version 1) HKSARG 2008.06.18
IRGN 1486 HKSAR comments on N1475 (Updated List of Unification/Non-unification Examples) HKSARG 2008.06.18
IRGN 1485(preassignment) Malaysia Submission for Inclusion in Ext. D Malaysia 2008.06.13
IRGN 1484(preassignment) Annex S (Version 4) Draft John Knightley 2008.06.13
IRGN 1483(preassignment) Further Unification/non-unification Version1 John Knightley 2008.06.13
IRGN 1482(preassignment) CJKD Version 4.0 Wang Xiao Ming 2008.06.13
IRGN 1481(preassignment) CJKD Version 4.0 Direction Chen Zhuang 2008.06.13
IRGN 1480(preassignment) UNC Version 3.1 Wang Xiao Ming 2008.06.13
IRGN 1479(preassignment) UNC Version 3.1Direction Chen Zhuang(PE) 2008.06.13
IRGN 1478(preassignment) UNC Version 3.0 Wang Xiao Ming 2008.06.13
IRGN 1477(preassignment) UNC Version 3.0 Direction Chen Zhuang(PE) 2008.06.13
IRGN 1476

Revised version(IRGN1476, Additional)

Data Error in SuperCJK 14.0 Anan Yasuhiro 2008.06.12
IRGN1475 Updated List of Unification/non-unification Examples Annex S Revision Group 2008.06.12
IRGN1474(preassignment) Consolidated List(281-400) Old Hanzi Editor 2008.06.12
IRGN1473(preassignment) Old Hanzi Submission(281-400) TCA 2008.06.12
IRGN1472(preassignment) Old Hanzi Submission(281-400) China 2008.06.12
IRGN1471 Old Hanzi Principles and References Version 3 Old Hanzi Group 2008.06.12
IRGN1470 Inclusion of All Remaining Kang Xi Characters China 2008.06.12
IRGN1469 UTC Request for Fonts UTC 2008.06.11
IRGN1468 IVD Recommendation Ken Lunde and Richard Cook 2008.06.11
IRGN 1467(AP1, AP2, AP3) IDS of China National Library Characters China National Library 2008.06.11
IRGN 1466(Appendix)

Font file is sent to tech. editor

comments on Ext. B HKSARG 2008.06.10
IRGN 1465 IRG Principles and Procedures Version 1 PnP Ad Hoc Group 2008.06.09
IRGN 1464(Discussion) PnP Ad Hoc Group Report PnP Ad Hoc Group 2008.06.09
IRGN 1463 UNC Editorial Report Editorial Group 2008.06.09
IRGN 1462(Revised version posted on 13/06/08 at 8:15am) Annex S Revision (Version 3) Annex S Ad Hoc 2008.06.09
IRGN 1461 Annex S Group Report Annex S Ad Hoc Group 2008.06.09
IRGN 1460(Appendix will not be uploaded) Old Hanzi Group Report Old Hanzi Ad Hoc Group 2008.06.09
IRGN 1459(AppendixMinutes) CJKD Editorial Report Editorial Group 2008.06.09
IRGN 1458 Report on Ext. B Consolidation and Format Editorial Group 2008.06.09
IRGN 1457 kIRGKX Issues(Defect Report) Richard Cook 2008.06.09
IRGN 1456 Consolidated Ext B. Comments Chen Zhuang 2008.06.09
IRGN 1455 Malaysia Character Submission Malaysia 2008.06.09
IRGN 1454 Comments on UNC John Knightley 2008.06.09
IRGN 1453 WG2N3441 USNB 2008.06.09
IRGN 1452 Email List(To prevent SPAM, this list will be provided by IRG Rapporteur through email only) IRG 2008.06.08
IRGN 1451 Participant List IRG 2008.06.08
IRGN 1450(confirmed) IRG Meeting #30 Resolution IRG 2008.06.08
IRGN 1449 New CDL tool, online for IRG use Richard Cook 2008.06.07
IRGN 1448 Explanation of KX Characters in CJK D China 2008.06.06
IRGN 1447 CJK D V3.0 Review by MSARG MSARG 2008.06.06
IRGN 1446 CJK D V3.0 Review by Japan Japan 2008.06.05
IRGN 1445 Annex S Comments by HKSARG (2nd Round) HKSARG 2008.06.05
IRGN 1444(zipped, 4 parts) Annex S comments by HKSARG(1st Round) HKSARG 2008.06.05
IRGN 1443 CJK B Comments TCA 2008.06.05
IRGN 1442(Mappings, M501-525) CJK D V3.0 Chen Zhuang 2008.06.05
IRGN 1441(P1, P2) Comments on CJKD 3.0 by HKSARG HKSARG 2008.06.05
IRGN 1440(Part1, Part2, Table) CJK D V3.0 direction Chen Zhuang 2008.06.05
IRGN 1439 (additional Email) Comments on UNC by TCA TCA 2008.06.05
IRGN 1438 Comments on UNC by HKSARG HKSARG 2008.06.05
IRGN 1437 Consolidated Comments on UNC Chen Zhuang 2008.06.05
IRGN 1436 IRG Principles and Procedures PP drafting group 2008.06.05
IRGN 1435( white paper) IVS Demo and White Paper Ken Lunde 2008.06.05
IRGN 1434 Annex S Comments TCA 2008.06.05
IRGN 1433(availabe, but will distribute during IRG#30 due to large file size) Consolidated Oracle Bone Script Old Hanzi Group 2008.06.05
IRGN 1432(A, B, C) Annex S Changes Annex S Ad Hoc Group 2008.06.05
IRGN 1431(Appendix, Sources) Further Annex S Examples Annex S Ad Hoc Group 2008.06.05
IRGN 1430 Not Used    
IRGN 1429(Appendix1, Appendix2) Korean General Comments on Processing UNC(254 characters) R.O.Korea 2008.06.02
IRGN 1428(Appendix1, Appendix2R Revised on 11/06/08) Korean Review Results on CJK Ext.D V30 M R.O.Korea 2008.06.02
IRGN 1427(ttf as appendix not uploaded) Review Results on 166 Korean Hanja Characters in CJK Ext.B R.O.Korea 2008.06.02
IRGN 1426 37 Additional Hanzi from Adobe-CNS1-5 Ken Lunde 2008.05.31
IRGN 1425 Comments on Extension B Multi-column Code Charts(N1381) Andrew West 2008.05.31
IRGN 1424 Classification of Oracle Bones based on Prior Rsearches on their Usages Prof. Suzuki 2008.05.28
IRGN 1423 Unicode Liaison Report - WG2 Meeting 52(WG2N3459) Unicode 2008.05.23
IRGN 1422 Representation of CJK Unified Ideographs in Multi-Column(WG2N3408) Michel Suignard 2008.05.23
IRG N 1421 Activity Report: Macao SAR Macao SARG 2008.05.19
IRGN 1420( AppendixA_P1, AppendixA_P2, AppendixB, AppendixE, Sources) Annex S Revision (version 2) Annex S Ad Hoc Group 2008.05.15
IRGN 1419 Activity Report: Vietnam Vietnam 2008.05.15
IRGN 1418 (Attachment) Activity Report: Malaysia Chinese Standardisation Council Of Malaysia 2008.05.11
IRGN 1417(zipped form) Ext. C Version Version 12 Wang Xiao Ming 2008.05.09
IRGN 1416

Mapping Table

Ext. C fPDam Corrections Accepted by WG2#52 and revised Mapping Table Michel Suignard 2008.05.08
IRGN 1415 WG2 #52 Resolution WG2 2008.05.08
IRGN 1414 Activity Report: US/Unicode U.S./Unicode 2008.05.08
IRGN 1413 Activity Report: TCA TCA 2008.05.08
IRGN 1412 ROK Activity Report ROKorea 2008.05.08
IRGN 1411 Activity Report: Japan Japan 2008.05.08
IRGN 1410 Activity Report: HKSAR HKSARG 2008.05.08
IRGN 1409 Activity Report: China China 2008.05.08
IRGN 1408(Available, will be distributed during IRG30 meeting) Old Hanzi TCA Submission(Tentative) TCA 2008.05.08
IRGN 1407

Attachment will be distributed during IRG30 meeting

Old Hanzi PRC Submission(Tentative title) China 2008.05.08
IRGN 1406 Han Unification Issues Richard Cook 2008.04.24
IRGN 1405R

(Revised version using the same document name. Rename your old IRGN1405.pdf if you want to keep it)

Six urgently needed characters submitted for inclusion HKSARG 2008.04.11
IRGN1347R(Appendix) Revised Proposal to encode six CJK Ideographs in UCS Japan 2008.03.25
IRGN1404(UnifiedSet, MSet)

Mapping Tables(UnifiedSet, MSet)

Urgently Needed Character Set Version 2.0 Wang Xiao Ming

(Tech Editor)

IRGN1403 1st call for IRG Meeting No 30 Rapporteur 2008.03.06

(Additional Hotels and Subway information)

IRG Meeting No 30 Logistics ROK 2008.03.06
IRGN 13411

1401(Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6),

Mapping Tables(.rar)

Misc. Tables(.rar)

Mapping Tables(.zip)

Misc. Tables(.zip)

CJK D 3.0 Wang Xiao Ming 2008.01.29