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../irg31/IRGN1277 Appendix:


Meeting Agenda (To be continuously updated before and during IRG Meeting)

Tentative schedule and room arrangement


Logistics information


Group Photo



Document No.



Date first assignment


IRGN 1664 font specification for IRG multicolumn code chart: Vietnam Vietnam 2010.02.25
IRGN 1663 font specification for IRG multicolumn code chart: TCA TCA 2010.02.25
IRGN 1662 font specification for IRG multicolumn code chart: ROK ROK 2010.02.25
IRGN 1661 font specification for IRG multicolumn code chart: Japan Japan 2010.02.25
IRGN 1660 font specification for IRG multicolumn code chart: HKSAR HKSAR 2010.02.25
IRGN 1659 font specification for IRG multicolumn code chart: China China 2010.02.25
IRGN 1658 Comments on Multi-column code chart R.O. Korea 2010.02.12
IRGN1657 Proposal to add 2 Nom Characters in Ext. E Vietnam 2010.02.05
IRGN 1656













IRG CJK Multicolumn Table V1 Technical Editor 2010.01.30
IRGN 1655

Feedback: HKSAR

Explanations on G fonts for UCS 2nd Edition China 2010.01.13
IRGN 1654

Feedback: HKSAR

Vietnam Defect Report for WG2 Vietnam 2010.01.07
IRGN 1653 Mapping Change Verification Michel Suignard 2010.01.06
IRGN 1652

Feedback: HKSAR

Solution to Vietnam fonts Vietnam 2009.12.04
IRGN 1651 WG2N3747(Revised IRGN 1638) ROKorea 2009.12.01
IRGN 1650(Pre-assignment) Old Hanzi V3 Old Hanzi Expert Group 2009.11.26
IRGN 1649(Pre-assignment) Old Hanzi V2 Old Hanzi Expert Group 2009.11.26
IRGN 1648




WDW V.4(Draft and confirmed)

IRGWD Website:


WDW Editor 2009.11.26
IRGN 1647 Clarification of Old Hanzi Works for IRG Members Old Hanzi 2009.11.26
IRGN 1646(Annex E)




IRG P&P Version 5(draft and confirmed) Rapporteur 2009.11.26
IRGN 1645(pre-assignment) Report on Discussion of China's Ext. E characters(with reference to IRG 1610) China and Prof. Suzuki 2009.11.26
IRGN 1644 Revised Text of Annex I of WG2 P&P IRG 2009.11.26
IRGN 1643 Japan's Response to Old Hanzi Report Japan 2009.11.25
IRGN 1642 Response on MSCS character evidence IRG 2009.11.25
IRGN 1641 Response on Date of IRG Meeting No. 35 MSARG 2009.11.24
IRGN 1640(Word, pdf) Text version for Annex S examples IRG 2009.11.24
IRGN 1639 HKSAR Mapping Table HKSARG 2009.11.23
IRGN 1638 A Solution Proposed by RO Korea for T19 and T20(M55.19) ROKorea 2009.11.20
IRGN 1637
Progress report on Japan�s unified ideographs addition

Japan 2009.11.17
IRGN 1636 Request for rewording of WG 2 P&P Annex I UMAmaheswaran 2009.11.13
IRGN 1635 IRG Meeting No. 34 Logistics Japan 2009.11.13
IRGN 1634 (Appendix) CJK E Editorial Group Report Editorial Group 2009.11.13
IRGN 1633 IRG P&P Editorial Report P&P Editorial Group 2009.11.13



Multi-column Code Chart Editorial Group Report Editorial Group 2009.11.13
IRGN 1631 IRG Meeting No. 34 Meeting Minutes Rapporteur 2009.11.13
IRGN 1630(Minor mistakes corrected). IRG Meeting No. 33 Resolution Rapporteur 2009.11.13
IRGN 1629 Email List Rapporteur 2009.11.13
IRGN 1628 Participants List Rapporteur 2009.11.05
IRGN 1627 WG2 No. 55 Resolution WG2 2009.11.05
IRGN 1626( Not used) U.S./Unicode Activity Report U.S./Unicode 2009.11.05
IRGN 1625 Vietnam Activity Report Vietnam 2009.11.05
IRGN 1624(AttachA, AttachB) TCA Activity Report TCA 2009.11.05
IRGN 1623 R.O.Korea Activity Report R.O.Korea 2009.11.05
IRGN 1622 MSARG Activity Report MSARG 2009.11.05
IRGN 1621 Japan Activity Report Japan 2009.11.05
IRGN 1620 HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2009.11.05
IRGN 1619 China Activity Report China 2009.11.05
IRGN 1618 Tentative: a suggested agenda item: IDS and Ext. C, D and onward R.O. Korea 2009.11.04
IRGN 1617

Review report template

Vietnam(pdf, exl)


HKSARG(exl, FontCorrection)

ROK(T1, T2, T3, T4, T5)




ISO 10646 2nd Edition CJK code chart review directions Rapporteur 2009.11.04
IRGN 1616(directory file)

use the link in the directory file to download the documents

ISO 106462nd Edition Code Chart(V1.0) ISO 10646 Project Editor 2009.10.29
IRGN 1615 Old Hanzi Ad hoc Report( for IRG Meeting No. 33) Old Hanzi Group 2009.10.29
IRGN 1614 ISO 10646 2nd Edition CD comments on CJK code charts ROK 2009.10.27
IRGN 1613


ISO 10646 2nd Edition CD comments on CJK code charts and Annex S Japan 2009.10.27
IRGN 1612


Old Hanzi Meeting Schedule Change Rapporteur/China 2009.10.26
IRGN 1611 Request for WG2N3695 to be discussed in IRG TCA 2009.10.26
IRGN 1610 Comments on  Proposed CJK Unified Ideographs from the Source "Index to the collection of Inscriptions in Yin-Zhou Period". Japan 2009.10.26
IRGN 1609 Invitation for the 34th Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 2/WG 2/IRG


IRGN 1608 1st Call for IRG Meeting No. 33 Rapporteur 2009.08.13
IRGN 1607 IRG Meeting No. 33 Logistics(update of IRGN 1571) Vietnam 2009.08.13
IRNG 1606 ( CharList.pdf , CharList.xls , Evidence ) Macao SAR Revised Submissions (tentative) MSARG 2009.08.10
IRGN 1605(Not used) Malaysia Activity Report, IRG33 Malaysia 2009.07.07
IRGN 1604(Preassignment) Old Hanzi Consolidated List V.10 Old Hanzi Group 2009,06.18
IRGN 1603(Preassignment) Old Hanzi Consolidated List V10 Draft Old Hanzi Group 2009.06.17
IRGN 1602 (Annex E) P&P V4draft P&P Group 2009.06.17
IRGN 1601

IRGN 1601Annex E

HK Feedback:    




P&P V3 P&P Group 2009.06.17
IRGN 1600draft0

IRGN 1600Draft1.

Feedback to Draft1:  



Feedback to Draft2:





IRG Standing Document Specification P&P Group 2009.06.17
IRGN 1599(Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4)

Mapping(Excl, PDF)

Responses: China, Vietnam

CJK Ext. E 6.1 Editorial Group 2009.06.17
IRGN 1598Draft(A1, A2)

IRGN1598Confirmed(A1, A2)

CJK Ext. E 6.1 Direction Editorial Group 2009.06.17
IRGN 1597(MSetP1, MsetP2, Dset, WithdrawnSet, FontUpgraded.xls, FontUpgraded.pdf, MappingTable)





CJK Ext. E.6.0 Editorial Group 2009.06.17
IRGN 1596

Direction Confirmed

TCAfeedback(P1, P2)

Direction Draft

CJK Ext. E 6.0 Direction Editorial Group 2009.06.17
IRGN 1586(Posted 24/06/09) IRGN Meeting No. 32 Minutes Rapporteur 2009.06.02
IRGN 1585 IRG Meeting No. 32 Resolution Rapporteur 2009.06.02
IRGN 1580 (Attachment)


IRGN1580R_Cover(posted on 19/07/09)

IRGN1580R_Table(re posted on 19/07/09)

IRGN1580R_Appendix(posted on 19/07/09)

Submission of Characters from Macao Information System Character Set (MISCS) MacaoSARG 2009.06.01