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Meeting Agenda (Available now and be continuously updated during IRG 34)

Tentative schedule and room arrangement


Logistics information (Revised)

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Date first assignment


IRGN 1710 Improve glyph of U4D07

ROKorea 2010.07.03
IRGN 1709 Seminar: Developing International Standards (Esp. of  CJK Ideographs) Masahiro Sekiguchi 2010.06.28
IRGN 1708 Seminar: Fundamentals of CJK Encoding LU Qin 2010.06.28


Ext. B Multi-column with 2003 Single column font

( )

Michel Suignard 2010.06.25
IRGN 1706 Consolidated P&P of Old Hanzi Japan 2010.06.24
IRGN 1705 Consolidated Old Hanzi Version 2 Old Hanzi 2010.06.24
IRGN 1704 FTP Site for IRG Use Rapporteur 2010.06.24
IRGN 1703 Old Hanzi Editorial Report Old Hanzi Group 2010.06.24
IRGN 1702 Multi-column code chart font encoding suggestion Ken Lunde 2010.06.24
IRGN 1701 Update to IWDS Editorial Group 2010.06.23
IRGN 1700(Appendix) CJK Editorial Group Report Editorial Group 2010.06.23
IRGN 1699(update:July 6) Additional Email in chief editor email list ROKorea 2010.06.23
IRGN 1698 Tentative Evidence forms for Endorsement by IRG MSARG 2010.06.23
IRGN 1697 Seminar: The Design & Implementation of Pan-CJK Fonts Ken Lunde 2010.06.23
IRGN 1696 Annex S Revised based on IRG feedback Michel Suignard 2010.06.23
IRGN 1695 Concerns of Old Hanzi Activities Japan 2010.06.22
IRGN 1694 Response On WG2 P&P Annex I Revision Rapporteur 2010.06.22
IRGN 1693 Proposal to improve source information of ZJW characters (Ref. 1610) Prof. Suzuki 2010.06.21
IRGN 1692 IRG Email List update(on 28/06/2010) Rapporteur 2010.06.17
IRGN 1691 IRG Meeting No. 34 Participants List Rapporteur 2010.06.17
IRGN 1690(updated on 28/Jun/2010) IRG Meeting No. 34 Resolution Rapporteur 2010.06.17
IRGN 1689(uploaded 10/08/2010) IRG Meeting Minutes Rapporteur 2010.06.17
IRGN 1688 IRG Meeting No. 35 Logistics MSAR 2010.06.11
IRGN 1687 Vietnam Activity Report Vietnam 2010.06.11
IRGN 1686 US/Unicode Activity Report US/Unicode 2010.06.11
IRGN 1685 TCA Activity Report TCA 2010.06.11
IRGN 1684 ROK Activity Report ROKorea 2010.06.11
IRGN 1683 MSAR Activity Report MSAR 2010.06.11
IRGN 1682 Japan Activity Report Japan 2010.06.11
IRGN 1681 HKSAR Activity Report HKSAR 2010.06.11
IRGN 1680 China Activity Report China 2010.06.11
IRGN 1679 Annex S Revision(WG2N3794) Michel Suignard 2010.05.15
IRGN 1678(Part1, Part2, Part3) Extension B Single Column code chart Michel Suignard 2010.05.15
IRGN 1677


Proposal to add two ideographs to Extension E
Ken Lunde 2010.04.28
IRGN 1676 Adobe-Japan1 IVD Collection Ken Lunde 2010.04.28
IRGN 1675 WG2No. 56 Resolution WG2 2010.04.24
IRGN 1674 CJK Ext. D Michel Suignard 2010.04.24
IRGN 1673 CJK Ext. C Michel Suignard 2010.04.24
IRGN 1672 Mapping Change Request list for CJK BMP characters(including UCS,oldSource, newSource as text/exl file) and pdf with glyph info Rapporteur 2010.04.24
IRGN 1671 HKSAR Font Correction Raporteur 2010.05.24
IRGN1670(ExtAPart1, ExtAPart2, Main1, Main2, Main3, Main4, Main5, Main6, Main7, Main8, Main9)





  Japan, JapanPart2



Draft Consolidation(revised to include J Comments)



JapanPart3(Comments on consolidated data)







CJK BMP Multicolumn code chart(for round 2 review) Michel Suignard 2010.04.24
IRGN1669 Revised Round 2 Review Schedule(Using Multi-column Table IRGN 1670) IRG Rapporteur 2010.04.24
IRGN1668 Announcement of Japan's IVD Registration (WG2N3796) Japan 2010.03.31
IRGN 1667

Request to Dis-unify H-9D73 with GS-224D under the Encoded Character U+4CA4

HKSARG 2010.03.21
IRGN 1666(updated on 17/06/10) Disunification Request(tentative) TCA 2010.03.17
IRGN 1665 1st Call for IRG Meeting No. 34 Rapporteur 2010.03.14
IRGN 1664 font specification for IRG multicolumn code chart: Vietnam Vietnam 2010.02.25
IRGN 1663 font specification for IRG multicolumn code chart: TCA TCA 2010.02.25
IRGN 1662 font specification for IRG multicolumn code chart: ROK ROK 2010.02.25
IRGN 1661 font specification for IRG multicolumn code chart: Japan Japan 2010.02.25
IRGN 1660 font specification for IRG multicolumn code chart: HKSAR HKSAR 2010.02.25
IRGN 1659 font specification for IRG multicolumn code chart: China China 2010.02.25
IRGN 1658 Comments on Multi-column code chart R.O. Korea 2010.02.12
IRGN1657 Proposal to add 2 Nom Characters in Ext. E Vietnam 2010.02.05
IRGN 1656










Feedback Round 1






Consolidated Draft




IRG CJK Multicolumn Table V1 Technical Editor 2010.01.30
IRGN 1655

Feedback: HKSAR

Explanations on G fonts for UCS 2nd Edition China 2010.01.13
IRGN 1654

Feedback: HKSAR

Vietnam Defect Report for WG2 Vietnam 2010.01.07
IRGN 1653 Mapping Change Verification Michel Suignard 2010.01.06
IRGN 1652

Feedback: HKSAR

Solution to Vietnam fonts Vietnam 2009.12.04
IRGN 1651 WG2N3747(Revised IRGN 1638) ROKorea 2009.12.01
IRGN 1650(Pre-assignment) Old Hanzi V3 Old Hanzi Expert Group 2009.11.26
IRGN 1649(Pre-assignment)

China(Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6, Part7)


Consolidated(Available but too large to post)

Old Hanzi V2 Old Hanzi Expert Group 2009.11.26
IRGN_1648 confirmed

(IWDS website will be updated later)

IRGN 1648 draft




IWDS V.4(Draft and confirmed)

IRGWD Website:


IWDS Working group Editor 2009.11.26
IRGN 1647 Clarification of Old Hanzi Works for IRG Members Old Hanzi 2009.11.26

IRGN1646(Annex) Confirmed

IRGN 1646(Annex E) Draft




IRG P&P Version 5(draft and confirmed) Rapporteur 2009.11.26
IRGN 1645(pre-assignment) Report on Discussion of China's Ext. E characters(with reference to IRG 1610) China and Prof. Suzuki 2009.11.26
IRGN 1635 IRG Meeting No. 34 Logistics Japan 2009.11.13
IRGN 1617

Review report template

Vietnam(pdf, exl)


HKSARG(exl, FontCorrection)

ROK(T1, T2, T3, T4, T5)




ISO 10646 2nd Edition CJK code chart review directions Rapporteur 2009.11.04