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 Equivalence Database(Updated on 2011.08.15 ):

../irg31/IRGN1277 Appendix:


Meeting Aganda (Available before IRG #39 be continuously updated during IRG #39)

Meeting Schedule (to be available later)




Doc Number  



Date first assignment


IRGN1922 CJK Ext. F v.1.1(Preassigned)


P1(Page1-100), P2(P101-200)

P3(P201-300), P4(P301-400)

P5(P401-500), P6(P501-600)



Consolidated Table(13.01.02)

Review by Jaemin Chung(02.01.20)

CJK Ext. F v.1.0(Preassigned)


Submission form(update 12.12.26 )

IRG PnP Version 6 IRG 2012.11.14
IRGN1919 Asking for Future Extension Schedule TCA 2012.11.14
IRGN1918(UCV_SUM, UCV1, UCV2, UCV3, NUC) Working Document Series Update Taichi Kawabata 2012.11.12
IRGN1917 New Vietnam source Vietnam 2012.11.13
IRGN1916 First Stroke issue Prof. Kim 2012.11.13
how to reduce # candidate chars to 4000 for ExtF
Prof. Kim 2012.11.12
IRGN1914 Requirement of the Submission of Song or Ming -ti Glyph Images to CJK Ext. F Suzuki Toshiya 2012.11.12
IRGN 1913 IRG email list(update) IRG 2012.11.11
IRGN 1912 Participant's list IRG 2012.11.11

IRGN 1911

Additional Comments by John Knightley

Comments RE: ExtF submission forms of KR, CN, JP, TW, and SAT ROKorea 2012.11.09
IRGN 1910 confirmed IRG Meeting No. 39 Resolution IRG 2012.11.06
IRGN 1909 WG2 Meeting No. 60 Resolutions WG2 2012.11.06
IRGN 1908 Issues on Ext. E code chart production Michel Suignard 2012.11.06
IRGN 1907
Consideration on the cursive like shape
Japan 2012.11.06
IRGN 1906
Consideration on expanding definition of evidence (as input to the revision of IRG PnP)
Japan 2012.11.06

IRGN 1905

Feedbackby Jaemin Chung

Contribution fro pending issue of CJK E
Japan 2012.11.06
IRGN 1904
Character information development and maintenance project for Japanese e-government 
Dr. Tashiro 2012.11.06
Invitation for the 41st Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2/IRG
Japan 2012.11.06
IRGN1902 KA: a new source for ROK Hanja chars ROKorea 2012.11.06
IRGN1901 Changing two ROK-related places in 10646, 3ed ROKorea 2012.11.06
IRGN1900 ROK comments RE: M59.03 (IDS) and WG2 N4234 ROKorea 2012.11.06

IRGN1899(Appendix, Update 13/11/2012)




Preliminary Report on Ext. F submission by China, Japan, Korea, SAT and TCA Taichi Kawabata 2012.10.29

IRGN1898(updated 09/11/12)



Logistics of IRG Meeting No. 40, 20-24 May, 2013 Lu Qin 2012.10.22
IRGN1897 Vietnam Activity Report Vietnam 2012.10.22
IRGN1896 confirmed IRG Editorial Report IRG 2012.11.14
IRGN1895 TCA Activity Report TCA 2012.10.22
IRGN1894 Macao Activity Report MSARG 2012.10.22
IRGN1893 ROK Activity Report ROK 2012.10.22
IRGN1892 Japan Activity Report Japan 2012.10.22
IRGN1891 Hong Kong Activity Report HKSARG 2012.10.22
IRGN1890 China Activity Report China 2012.10.22
IRGN1889 WG2N4075: IVD registration ? 2012.11.11
IRGN1888 UTC Submission for CJK F Extension UTC 2012.10.20



Revised submissions(121229: DocList, SummaryForm, BMP,BookList)


R.O. Korea Submission for CJK F Extension ROK 2012.10.19


BMPs(A3Part1, A3PPart2, A3Part3)


updated 2012.12(SummaryForm)


China Submission for CJK F Extension China 2012.10.18

IRGN1885(updated 23/10/12)


TCA Submission for CJK F Extension TCA 2012.10.18
IRGN1884 Possible Errors in CJKU_SR.txt (2ed and 3edFCD) ROKorea 2012.10.15


AttributeList Excel (14/11/2012)

Revised Submission(12.12.26)

SAT submission for CJK F extension work
Japan 2012.10.13

IRGN1882(Attributes, Attributes_NoEvidence)

Update 2012.12(SummaryForm)

Japan submission for CJK F extension work
Japan 2012.10.13
IRGN1881 Withdraw V04-486A (03098) Vietnam 2012.08.28
IRGN1880 1st Call for IRG Meeting No. 39 Rapporteur 2012.08.07
All files below were posted on IRG website of IRG 38 or earlier.


Appendix (WG2N4247)

Response to WG2 N4247 (Preserving round-trip integrity of CJK compatibility ideographs) Ken Lunde 2012.08.03

IRGN1878(MainBlock, others, ExcelFiles)

HKSAR Comments

Vietnam Response to HKSAR Comments


CJK Ext. E. v8.1 IRG 2012.06.21

IRGN1877(Main, Others, Tables )

Japan Feedback(23/08/12)


Vietnam Feedback(24/08/12)

HKSAR Feedback(24/08/12)

ROK Feedback(24/08/12)

China Feedback(24/08/12)

TCA Feedback(24/08/12)

CJK Ext. E. v8.0 IRG 2012.06.21
IRGN1876 Old Hanzi PnR Version 3 Old Hanzi Expert Group/IRG 2012.06.20


Vietnam Feedback

HKSAR Feedback


Discussion about the Radical Attribute Suzuki Toshiya 2012.06.20
IRGN1874 China's Plan for Ext. F Submission China 2012.06.19
IRGN1873 TCA's Plan for Ext. F Submission TCA 2012.06.19
IRGN1872 Unicode plan for Ext. F submission Unicode 2012.06.19



Additional T Source to be included in IRG PnP TCA 2012.06.19
IRGN1870 IRG Meeting No. 38 Resolution IRG 2012.06.16
IRGN1869R updated on 2012.07.03 (ExampleforR140, TablesNoExtE  )

Radical-Strokes charts for all UCS encoded Ideographs + Extension-E(Ext. E table is too large for upload.  Members please ask Dr. Lu For a copy)

pdf version(easy to search with page numbers, 63M) can be downloaded at:
Taichi Kawabata 2012.06.18
IRGN1868  access information for the CJKV online system in Japan Charles Muller 2012.06.18
IRGN1867 Further problems found in CJK of FDIS10646 3ed text Japan 2012.06.18
IRGN1866 Issues related to Chinese Names of Taiwan Visitors Selena Wai(TCA) 2012.06.18
IRGN1865 Editorial Report of Ext. F IRG 2012.06.16
IRGN1864 (Appenndices updated on 22/07/12) Editorial Report of Ext. E IRG 2012.06.16
IRGN1863 Participant's List IRG 2012.06.16
IRGN1862 Updated Email List IRG 2012.06.16
Reading and Stroke-count Data in the Unihan Database
UTC 2012.06.14
A JavaScript utility for IDS.txt
Suzuki Toshiya 2012.06.07



      Proposal for the Discussion How to Handle the        Mistakenly Differentiated Glyphs in Huge Dictionaries
Suzuki Toshiya 2012.06.07


Appendix NEW 2012.06.18

Request to add Un-encoded Characters in the Taisho Shinshu Daizoky 
(Taisho edited series of Buddhist scriptures)
A. Charles Muller and Kiyonori Nagasaki 2012.05.21
IRGN1857(Original Korean Doc ) A proposal requesting a horizontal extension of 154 Hanja char ROK 2012.06.04
IRGN1856 Comments RE: Providing Total Strokes in Submissions ROK 2012.06.04
IRGN1855 A rough number of Hanja characters to be submitted for CJK Extension F ROK 2012.06.04



Macao characters missing in IRGN 1830 MSARG 2012.05.16
IRGN1853 USA/Unicode Activity Report USA/Unicode 2012.05.10
IRGN1852 TCA Activity Report TCA 2012.05.10
IRGN1851 ROK Activity Report ROK 2012.05.10
IRGN1850 Japan Activity Report Japan 2012.05.10
IRGN1849 Hong Kong SAR Activity Report HKSARG 2012.05.10
IRGN1848 China Activity Report China 2012.05.10
IRGN1847 Logistics Arrangement for IRG Meeting No. 39 Vietnam 2012.05.10
IRGN1846 WG2 Resolutions WG2 2012.02.20


(updated logistics IRGN1818)

1st Call for IRG Meeting No. 38 Rapporteur 2012.02.20


IRGN1844R (Data: Text, pdf)(WG2N4246R)

Feedback: Mr. Sekiguchi (WG2N4247)

Stabilizing CJK Compatibility Ideographs through the use of the IVD(WG2N4165)

Stablizing CJK Compatibility Ideographs through the use of Standardized Varients(WG2 N4246R)

Unicode 2012.02.16




Proposal to establish a CJK Unified Ideographs "Urgently Needed Characters" process(WG2N4230) Lunde and Jenkins 2012.02.16
IRGN1842 Japanese proposal to the agenda for Old Hanzi Tokyo meeting Japan 2012.02.10
IRGN1841 G source characters to be withdrawn
from CJK_E
China 2012.01.03

Change of Unicode Technical Standard #37 Related to Ideographic Variation Database

(Hyperlink to the change: )

Unicode 2011.11.15

IRGN1839Summary (Draft1)(Docx version, updated on 2012.06.26)

(Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4 NEW available on 2012.06.18)




Update of N1648 summary of IRGWDS IRG 2011.11.10
IRGN1838(updated on 08/12/2011) Errata Report to WG2(including IRG 37 and IRG 36 reported errors) IRG 2011.11.10
IRGN 1837 Errata Report in IRG 37 IRG 2011.11.10

IRGN1836 (Agenda ) Appendix


Old Hanzi Ad Hoc Report(for Feb. 20 - 23, 2012 Tokyo meeting) (Preassigned) Old Hanzi Group 2011.11.10
IRGN1835 Consolidated List (Preassigned) Old Hanzi Group 2011.11.10
IRGN1834 Second Review for SW 77-300 (Preassigned) Japan 2011.11.10
IRGN1833 Second Review for SW 77-300 (Preassigned) China 2011.11.10
IRGN1832 Second Review for SW 77-300 (Preassigned) TCA 2011.11.10
IRGN1831 CJK Ext. E V7.2 (Preassigned) Ext. E 2011.11.10

IRGN1830(P1, P2, P3, Mapping )






China Feedback2(12.06.09)

Vietnam Response(12.06.10)

TCA Response


JapanFeedback(including CJKV7.0)


CJK Ext. E V7.1 (Preassigned) Ext. E 2011.11.10

IRGN1829main, Notes, ExelFile, Others

Feedback: ROK (12.03.14)

HKSAR(12.03.14) P1, P2

TCA(12.03.16) P1, P2, P3




Consolidated comments(unconfirmed) P1, P2, P3

Vietnam Response(12.06.10)

TCA Response(Part1, Part2)


CJK Ext. E V7.0 (Preassigned) Ext. E 2011.11.10
IRGN1828 FDIS of Ext. B(meeting distribution) Michel Suignard 2011.11.09

IRGN1827(Appendix Revised PnR version 3)


Old Hanzi Discussion Report IRG 2011.11.09
comments RE: N1648 summary of IRGWDS
Prof. Kim 2011.11.08



Proposal to establish a "JADOBE" source for the kIRG_JSource field
Ken Lunde 2011.11.08

IRGN1824 (AppendixA, AppendixB )

Feedback by Suzuki Toshiya(Part1, Part2, Part3)

Feedback2 by Suzuki

Editorial Group Report(Ext. B, Ext. E, IRGPnP, H Ext. ) CJK Editorial Group 2011.11.08

IRGN1823 (draft1)








uploaded 13/10/2012

Missing source info


Draft3R(23:20 14/11/2012)

IRG PnP Update IRG 2011.11.08
IRGN1822(16/05/2012) Requirements for Font Provision Michel Suignard 2011.11.08
IRGN1821(Part1, Part2) Old Hanzi Review TCA(post allocation of document) TCA 2011.11.08
IRGN1820 Explanation for the Differences between UCS and Vietnam Sources Vietnam 2011.11.08
IRGN1819 Using V50 Font for CJK Chars in K Column of UCS ROK 2011.11.08
IRGN1818(revised) IRG Meeting No. 38 Logistics ROK 2011.11.08
IRGN1817 Confirmed Updated Email list Rapporteur 2011.11.02

IRGN1816 Confirmed

Participants List Rapporteur 2011.11.02
IRGN1815 Invitation for Old Hanzi Adhoc Meeting 2012.02.20 - 23 Japan 2011.10.28

IRGN1814(AppendixA, AppendixB1, AppendixB2 )

Japan Feedback (Attachment)

Editorial Report of Old Hanzi Ad Hoc Group Meeting 2011.09.26 - 30 Old Hanzi Expert G. 2011.10.19

IRGN1813 (Attachment)

ROK Feedback

(posted on 12.06.12)

Preliminary proposal to add CJK Unified ideographs Japan 2011.10.19
IRGN1812 Japan's concerns on the revised CJK B chart for 10646 3ed Japan 2011.10.19
IRGN1811 A request of a horizontal extension of 155 Hanja chars for ROK ROK 2011.10.16
IRGN1810 (updated on 08/12/2011) IRG Meeting No. 37 Resolutions IRG 2011.10.16


Japan Feedback

WG2 P&P Review on Item D WG2 2011.06.23


Japan Feedback

IRG and IVD Unicode 2011.06.08



Preliminary Proposal for an Ideographic Variation Database Registration
UTC 2011.04.02