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Doc Number



Date first assignment
IRGN2055 pDam2.2 Disposition Comments WG2 Convenor 2015.01.27
IRGN2054 China's Improved Fonts for 6 G characters in CJKF China 2015.01.27
IRGN2053 Reviese Glyphs for Ext. F2 SAT 2015.01.03

IRGN2052 Full Chart(Link to Unicode site)

Ext. F code chart

Feedback: Chen Zhuang 14.12.22(and reply by Michel Suignard 14.12.25)

ISO/IEC 10646:2014 PDAM 2.3 draft code charts
WG2 Convenor 2014.12.19
IRGN2051 Horizontal Extension Proposal Ken Lunde 2014.11.21
IRGN2050 IRG Meeting No. 43 Recommendations Rapporteur 2014.11.15
IRGN2049 Possible Disunification Errors(preassignment) Suzuki Toshiya 2014.11.19
IRGN2048 U+3E02 unification issue Jaemin Chung 2014.11.20

IRGN2047(remote host)


Source Han Sans Glyph Table
Ken Lunde 2014.11.20
IRGN2046(14.11.19) Request IRG to host Ad Hoc meeting for Asian Script if needed WG2 Convenor 2014.11.19
IRGN2045(P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6Mapping) (14.12.04) Ext. F1 V4 (preassignment) IRG 2014.11.15


(Draft P1, P2, P3, P4, Withdrawn/Unified, Postponed, Mappings, 15.01.16)

  Feedbackfor Draft:   Japan 15.01.24, Japan 15.01.26

  Responses: Sat (15.01.28), ROK(15.01.29)

Confirmed( P1, P2, P3, P4, Withdrawn/Unified, Postponed, Mappings, 15.01.31)

Ext. F2 V3 (preassignment) IRG 2014.11.15


Appandix(0, 1, 2P1, 2P2, 3, 4, 5 )(14.12.04)

Editorial Report for F2 and Misc Items IRG 2014.11.15
IRGN2042(14.11.21) Editorial Report for F1 and Ext. C IRG 2014.11.15
IRGN2041 (14.11.14) Explanation of the 50 Character withdraw from SAT(tentative SAT 2014.11.14
IRGN2040 Issues related to U+29F3B and JMJ-055359(tentative) Suzuki Toshiya 2014.11.07

IRGN2039 (14.10.14)

AppendixA(WG2N4620) (14.11.15)

AppendixB(WG2N4621) (14.11.15)

Large File:AppendixC(WG2N4624), Mirror site: 0d48 (14.11.15)

WG2 Meeting No. 63 Recommendations WG2 2014.10.15
IRGN 2038 Supporting Chinese Character Variants in Hong Kong Through Ideographic Variation Sequence Lu Qin 2014.11.15
IRGN 2037 (14.11.11) Error report on CJK C in 4th ed. of ISO/IEC 10646 Japan 2014.08.22

IRGN 2036(Large Files) 14.08.19,Mirror  : bd6d

Updated CJK Radical Tables including Ext. F submissions (Large Files) Taichi Kawabata 2014.08.18
IRGN 2035 IRG Meeting No. 44 Logistics R.O. Korea 2014.08.11
IRGN 2034 A proposal requesting a horizontal extension of 152 Hanja char R.O. Korea 2014.09.24
IRGN 2033 USA/Unicode Activity Report USA/Unicode 2014.08.11
IRGN 2032 TCA Activity Report TCA 2014.08.11
IRGN 2031 SAT Activity Report SAT 2014.08.11
IRGN 2030 ROKorea Activity Report R.O. Korea 2014.08.11
IRGN 2029 Japan Activity Report Japan 2014.08.11
IRGN 2028 HK SARG Activity Report HKSARG 2014.08.11
IRGN 2027 China Activity Report China 2014.08.11
IRGN 2026


Developing & Deploying The World's First Open Source Pan-CJK Typeface Family

Ken Lunde 2014.11.12
IRGN 2025 Updated emails IRG 2014.08.11
IRGN2024 IRG Meeting No. 43 Participants List IRG 2014.08.11
IRGN 2023 (Logistics)(14.08.11) 1st Call for IRG Meeting No. 43 Rapporteur 2014.08.11
IRGN 2022 Report of Inaccurate Source
Reference for Twelve HKSCS
Compatibility Characters
HKSARG 2014.07.15
IRGN 2021 U-2B08F Source/Glyph Issue Jeamin Chung 2014.06.03

IRGN 2020 (Large Files) (14.09.18),  Mirror Site : 6d37

(Action List) ref 2013B_NUCNew(14.09.18)

New IWDS NUC List IWDS Editor 2014.05.28

IRGN2019 (Large Files) (14.07.07),Mirror Site :  2bdd

(Action List) ref 2013A_UCVReview


HKSARG (14.07.18)

Suzuki (14.11.17)

(Action List) ref 2013B_UCVNew

New IWDS UCV List IWDS Editor 2014.05.28

IRGN 2018  Draft (P1, P2, P3, P4DataF1&F2 ) (14.06.16)

Review for draft:


TCA pp1-pp110(14.06.27)


IRGN 2018 Confirmed (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, DataF1 & F2) (14.07.14 )

TCA complete review(14.08.18 )

China Review(14.09.05)




HKSARReview to ConsolidatedTable(14.09.22)




Confirmed consolidatedComments(14.10.10)


ROKResponse(LargeFile), Mirror site (14.11.06): 423a

ROKupdatedResponse(Largefile), Mirror site: dade (14.11.15)

SATResponse (14.11.08)


SATResponse2 (14.11.13)

ROKResponse7 (14.11.19)

CJK Ext. F2 V2 IRG 2014.05.28

IRGN 2017draft (P1, P2 , P3, P4, postponed, Unified&withdrawn, DataF1&F2) (14.06.16)

Review for draft:






Japan2 (14.07.10)

IRGN2017 Confirmed (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, Postponed, Unified&WithdrawnDataF1&F2) (14.07.14)

Withdrawn List from SAT 14.08.08)(one kept because of a G source character)


Further Comments from Japan(14.11.11)

Comments from Suzuki Toshiya(14.11.14)

Feedback from Jaemin(14.11.15)

ROK Response (14.11.19)

TCA further Feedback (14.11.19)


CJK Ext. F1 V3(WG2N4580) IRG 2014.05.28

IRGN 2016 (Draft)


Japan (14.06.20)


IRGN 2016 (Confirmed) 14.06.20

IRG PnP Version 7 Rapporteur 2014.05.21
IRGN 2015 U+2827C unification issue Jaemine Chung 2014.05.19
IRGN 2014R(2014.10.01) IRG Meeting No. 43 Logistics Ken Lunde/Unicode 2014.05.16

IRGN 2013 (14.05.26)

AppendixA correction (UCV, NUC)

AppendixB new revision (UCV, NUC)

TCAFeedback(PartA and PartB, PartC, PartD)14.11.17)




Misc Editorial Report(Ext. E, UNC, IWDS, IRG PnP) IRG 2014.05.16
IRGN 2012 Updated Email List IRG 2014.05.16
IRGN 2011 Participants' List IRG 2014.05.16

IRGN 2010Confirmed Resolution (14.05.26)

IRG Meeting No. 42 Resolution(WG2N4582) IRG 2014.05.16

IRGN 2009

Appendix1(detailed comments)  (14.05.21)

Appendix2(J characters) 


IRG Meeting No. 42 Ext. F Editorial Report IRG 2014.05.16