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Doc Number



Date first assignment
IRGN2092( cover note, draft document, submission form) Revised IRG PnP for Confirmation at IRG Meeting No. 45 IRG Rapporteur 2015.08.29
IRGN2091  Submission for IRG Working Set 2015  UTC  2015.08.29
IRGN2090 UNC proposal to WG2(preassigned) UTC 2015.08.26
IRGN2089 UNC proposal to WG2(preassigned) MSARG 2015.08.26


JapanList_preF2v4(15.09.18) reloaded(15.10.16)

Ext. F2 Version 4.0 IRG 2015.08.26
IRGN2087/SC2N4415 IRG Position Paper IRG 2015.08.25
IRGN2086 UNC and other Misco Items Editorial Report IRG 2015.08.24
IRGN2085 Extension F2 Editorial Report IRG 2015.08.24
IRGN2084 Extension F Editorial Report IRG 2015.08.24
IRGN2083(revised 15.08.23) KR's supplementary evidences RE postponed K chars in Ext F2 during IRG #43 R.O. Korea 2015.08.20
IRGN2082 (15.08.20) 1000+ Unencoded Hanzi in SJ/T 11239-2001 (China) Ken Lunde 2015.08.20
IRGN2081(15.08.16) Request for kTotalStrokes Data for Extension E & Beyond UTC 2015.08.14
IRGN2080 (Agenda)(Minor update 15.10.16) IRG No. 44 Recommendations IRG 2015.08.23
IRGN2079(15.08.20) Concern about inconsistency on Source Separation Japan 2015.08.07
IRGN2078(15.08.07) Japan's UNC Proposal Japan 2015.08.07

IRGN2077(15.08.16, minor update on 15.10.16)

HKSARG Response(15.08.25)

Re-mapping of H-9B4C and HB0-A2CD (kIRG_HSource) Henry Chan and Ken Lunde 2015.07.10
IRGN2076(15.06.24) Special Call for IRG Meeting No. 44 IRG Rapporteur 2015.06.22
IRGN 2075(15.06.09) Recommendations from WG 2 meeting 63 WG2 2015.06.09
IRGN 2074(Apendix A, B1, B2, C, D:mapping table ) updated 15.08.06 A Proposal for a HK Character Set Lu Qin 2015.06.08
IRGN 2073 (15.08.18) Proposed Horizontal Extension to Ext. F2 TCA 2015.06.07
IRGN 2072 (15.08.18) Proposed Horizontal Extension to Ext. F1 TCA 2015.06.07

IRGN 2071

feedback: Jaemin Chung(15.07.02)

Ken Lunde(15.07.02)

Macao Response to Jaemin(15.08.20)

Maco Response to Ken(15.08.20)


Table with Character Image(15.08.25)

Feedbackby Jaemin Chung(15.09.15)

Proposal for 36 UNC characters Macao SARG 2015.05.28

IRGN 2070


Macao Activity Report Macao SARG 2015.05.28
IRGN 2069(15.06.07) Request to Add 93 Chinese Characters to UTC UTC 2015.05.15
IRGN2068(15.06.07) New UNC from UTC UTC 2015.05.11
IRGN2067 (15.06.07 updated 15.08.19)
CJK issues in disposition of PDAM 2.2
Japan 2015.04.08

IRGN2066 (Registration Form)(updated on 15.09.15)




IRG No. 45 Meeting Logistics Hong Kong 2015.03. 17
IRGN2065R (15.06.07 updated 15.08.03) USA/Unicode Activity Report USA/Unicode 2015.03.17
IRGN2064(15.08.18) TCA Activity Report TCA 2015.03.17
IRGN2063(15.08.20) SAT Activity Report SAT 2015.03.17
IRGN2062(15.08.20) R.O. Korea Activity Report ROK 2015.03.17
IRGN2061(15.06.11updated on 15.08.19) Japan Activity Report Japan 2015.03.17
IRGN2060(15.06.15) HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2015.03.17
IRGN2059(15.08.21) China Activity Report China 2015.03.17
IRGN2058(15.08.25) eMail List IRG Rapporteur 2015.03.17
IRGN2057(15.08.25) Participant's list IRG Rapporteur 2015.03.17
IRGN2056 1st Call for IRG Meeting No. 44 IRG Rapporteur 2015.03.17


Feedback by Michel Suignard  (15.02.23)

pDam2.2 Disposition Comments WG2 Convenor 2015.01.27
IRGN2054(15.01.27) China's Improved Fonts for 6 G characters in CJKF China 2015.01.27
IRGN2053 (15.08.19), Bitmap images available upon requests for IRG members Revised Glyphs for Ext. F2 SAT 2015.01.03

IRGN2052 Full Chart(Link to Unicode site)

Ext. F code chart

Feedback: Chen Zhuang 14.12.22(and reply by Michel Suignard 14.12.25)

ISO/IEC 10646:2014 PDAM 2.3 draft code charts
WG2 Convenor 2014.12.19




Horizontal Extension Proposal Ken Lunde 2014.11.21
IRGN2050 IRG Meeting No. 43 Recommendations Rapporteur 2014.11.15
IRGN2049(15.08.23) Possible Disunification Errors(preassignment) Suzuki Toshiya 2014.11.19
IRGN2048 U+3E02 unification issue Jaemin Chung 2014.11.20

IRGN2047(remote host)


Source Han Sans Glyph Table
Ken Lunde 2014.11.20
IRGN2046(14.11.19) Request IRG to host Ad Hoc meeting for Asian Script if needed WG2 Convenor 2014.11.19
IRGN2045(P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6Mapping) (14.12.04) Ext. F1 V4 (preassignment) IRG 2014.11.15


(Draft P1, P2, P3, P4, Withdrawn/Unified, Postponed, Mappings, 15.01.16)

  Feedbackfor Draft:   Japan 15.01.24, Japan 15.01.26

  Responses: Sat (15.01.28), ROK(15.01.29)

Confirmed( P1, P2, P3, P4, Withdrawn/Unified, Postponed, Mappings, 15.01.31)



HKSARGPart 1, Part2(15.04.02)



ConsolidatedCommentsDraft(15.04.17) Confirmed with no change. 15.04.30

TCAreview(Consolidated) 15.08.18


Ext. F2 V3 (preassignment) IRG 2014.11.15


Appandix(0, 1, 2P1, 2P2, 3, 4, 5 )(14.12.04)

Editorial Report for F2 and Misc Items IRG 2014.11.15
IRGN2042(14.11.21) Editorial Report for F1 and Ext. C IRG 2014.11.15
IRGN2035(Forms_Annexes) Logistics Arrangement for IRG Meeting No. 44 KATS