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Source code used to create IWDS


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Date first assignment

IRG2133TaskAssignment(AttributeTable, Pages: P001_090, P091_180, P181_270, P271_360, P361_450, P451_495, P496_540, P541_617)

UTCInput 16.02.03

 IRG 2015 Collection Version 1.1  Rapporteur  2016.01.23
IRGN2132 15.12.13 Vietnamese Horizontal Extension Request Vietnam 2015.12.13
 IRGN2131  Possible T-Source Mistake(Tentative)  Henry Chan 2015.12.06

IRGN2130 16.01.04

HKReview 16.01.18

CJK Ext. F Code Chart For review Michel Suignard 2015.11.19
IRGN2129 15.11.19 IWDS Update based on CJK F1 and F2 Suzuki Toshiya 2015.11.17
IRGN2128 (Attributes, Bitmaps, evidence with mirror site:  7d2c) 16.01.09 TCA reduced IRG 2015 Collection Submission TCA 2015.11.17
IRGN2127( Attributes, Bitmaps, EvidenceP1 with Mirror site: d084, EvidenceP2 with Mirror site:a97c) SAT reduced IRG 2015 Collection Submission SAT 2015.11.17
IRGN2126(Use IRGN2130 Ext. F Code Chart( Use IRGN2130). Michel Suiguard 2015.11.17

IRGN2125( Source Mapping) 15.11.23




Ext. F Preproduction Code Chart Michel Suiguard 2015.11.17

IRGN2124 (attributeIDS) 15.11.16

FurtherFeedbackby John Knightley (15.11.18)

Preliminary study of IRG Collection 2015 Suzuki& Taichi 2015.11.16
IRGN2123 15.11.16 One Ext F character Withdraw SAT 2015.11.16
IRGN2122 15.11.16 Errata Report HKSARG 2015.11.16
IRGN2121 15.11.19  Hosting of the 485h ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2/IRG Meeting ROK 2015.11.12
IRGN2120(15.11.12) Logistics Arrangement for IRG Meeting No. 46 China 2015.11.11

IRGN2119 (15.11.07)

Further Information Suzuki(15.11.16)

VietnamFeedback (15.11.25)

Further Error Report for CJK Extension E Andrew West 2015.11.06
IRGN2118(15.11.05) Attachment(15.11.07)

  Allowing negative residual strokes in all six kRS* properties of the Unihan Database

UTC 2015.11.05
IRGN2117(15.11.05) Request for IDS Data UTC 2015.11.03

IRGN2116(Attributes, Summary Form) 15.11.05

Evidences P1( Mirror site: 425b); P2 (Mirror site: 425b); P3(Mirror site:4d1d ); P4(Mirror site: 0de0 ); P5(Mirror site : 6917); P6(Mirror site: ); P7(Mirror site:); P8(Mirror site: ); P9(Mirror site: ); P10(Mirror site: ); P11(Mirror site: ); P12(Mirror site: ); P13(Mirror site: ); P14(Mirror site: ); P15(Mirror site: ); P16(Mirror site: ); P17(Mirror site: ); P18(Mirror site: ); P19(Mirror site: );

  GlyphImages (Mirror site : 8c32)15.11.05

SATSubmission of IRG Working Set 2015 SAT 2015.11.02

IRGN2115 (SummaryForm, HYD_Glyph, HYDAttributes, Zhuang_Glyph, Zhuang_Attributes ) 15.11.02

HYD Evidences(Mirror site : 4f99); HYD GlyphImages (Mirror site : b509) 15.11.05

Zhuang Evidences(Mirror site : b5ce); GlyphImages (Mirror site : 379a )15.11.05

Revised HYDSubmission (Glyphs, Attributes) 16.11.09

China Submission of IRG Working Set 2015(Tentative) China 2015.10.29

IRGN2114 zip file including SummaryForm, Attributes, List of Documents) 15.11.02

EvidencesP1, P2, P3, P4, P5(Mirror site: P1: 6642;, P2: 3c4e; P3: 9ddd; P4: 4adf; P5 : 3e68 ); GlyphImages(Mirror site : 5bac)

Revised data file 16.01.09

ROK Submssion of IRG Working Set 2015(Tentative) ROK 2015.10.29

IRGN2113(Attributelist, Summary Form)15.11.02

Evidences (Mirror site: 8134);  GlyphImages (Mirror site: 71b1) 15.11.02

TCA Submssion of IRG Working Set 2015(Tentative) TCA 2015.10.29
IRGN2112 SC2 Resolutions SC2 2015.10.26
IRGN2111 WG2 Recommendations WG2 2015.10.26

IRGN2110 Recommendations, Agenda


IRG Meeting No. 45 Recommendations and Action Items IRG 2015.09.23



Errata Report of CJK unified Ideographs(tentative) Henry Chan 2015.10.15


Further information Suzuki (15.11.16)

Error Report for CJK Unified Ideographs Extensions C and E Andrew West & Ming Fan 2015.10.11

IRGN2107proposal&suumaryform(Attributes) Evidences(Mirror site: cbd5)

GlyphImages(Mirror site: f111 )

IRGN2107RRevised attributes and Revised GlyphImages  16.01.08

UK submission of IRG Working Set 2015(tentative) UK 2015.10.01
IRGN2106 15.11.19 Misc Editorial Report IRG 2015.09.23
IRGN2105 (Appendix1, Appendix2) 15.11.19 CJK Extension F2 Editorial Report IRG 2015.09.23
IRGN2104 USA/Unicode Activity Report USA/Unicode 2015.09.23
IRGN2103 TCA Activity Report TCA 2015.09.23
IRGN2102 SAT Activity Report SAT 2015.09.23
IRGN2101 ROK Activity Report ROK 2015.09.23
IRGN2100(15.11.12) Macao Activity Report Macao SARG 2015.09.23
IRGN2099(15.11.12) Japan Activity Report Japan 2015.09.23
IRGN2098 Hong Kong SARG Activity Report HKSARG 2015.09.23
IRGN2097 China Activity Report China 2015.09.23
IRGN2096(15.11.19) IRG Working Set 2015 Editorial Report IRG 2015.11.14
IRGN2095 eMailing List IRG Rapporteur 2015.09.23
IRGN2094 IRG Meeting No. 45 Participants List IRG Rapporteur 2015.09.23
IRGN2093 1st Call for IRG Meeting No. 45 IRG Rapporteur 2015.09.23

IRGN2092( cover note, draft document, submission form)

Feedback: HKSARG(Marked file) 15.11.04

DraftVersion2 (15.11.15)


Confirmed IRGPnPV8  (Summary Form, Blank Form)(15.11.24)

Revised IRG PnP for Confirmation at IRG Meeting No. 45 IRG Rapporteur 2015.08.29

IRGN2091(including Summary, evidence) AttributeTable  , GlyphImages (Mirror site : aa43) 15.11.02

IRGN2091R(including Summary and evidcence) Mirror site: be04

AttributeTable, GlyphImages 15.12.15

 Submission for IRG Working Set 2015  UTC  2015.08.29
IRGN2090(15.09.11) UNC proposal to WG2(preassigned) UTC 2015.08.26
IRGN2089(15.10.01) UNC proposal to WG2(preassigned) MSARG 2015.08.26



IRGN2088 (Attributes, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, Postponed, UnifiedWithdraw) 15.09.26

Reviews by HKSAR, UTC, Japan, China(15.10.26)

Consolidated comments(15.10.31)

UTC further comments(15.11.08)






Ext. F2 Version 4.0 IRG 2015.08.26
IRGN2080 (Agenda) IRG No. 44 Recommendations IRG 2015.08.23
IRGN2078(15.08.07) Japan's UNC Proposal Japan 2015.08.07
IRGN 2074(Apendix A, B1, B2, C, D:mapping table ) updated 15.08.06 A Proposal for a HK Character Set Lu Qin 2015.06.08

IRGN2066 (Registration Form)(updated on 15.09.15)




IRG No. 45 Meeting Logistics Hong Kong 2015.03. 17

IRGN2052 Full Chart(Link to Unicode site)

Ext. F code chart

Feedback: Chen Zhuang14.12.22(and reply by Michel Suignard14.12.25)

ISO/IEC 10646:2014 PDAM 2.3 draft code charts
WG2 Convenor 2014.12.19


China Feedback(15.11.10)

 Possible Disunification Errors(preassignment) Suzuki Toshiya 2014.11.19


TCA Feedback (15.11.12)

    U+3E02 unification issue
Jaemin Chung 2014.11.20