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Some of IRG 46-47 documents are listed here for convenience. Please go to the respective IRG meeting websites to get complete document sets of the respective meetings.

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IRG Large Files Directory in Google Drive


Source code used to create IWDS


Meeting Agenda will to be continuously updated during IRG#48


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Doc Number



Date first assignment
IRGN 2245 (2017.08.13) Request for consideration to update the source reference information for U+24FB9 and 66 GFZ-Source characters Eiso Chan and Kushim Jiang 2017.08.13
IRGN2244 (2017.08.10) UK Request to Rename UK Source References for IRG Working Set 2015 UK 2017.08.10


Google Drive (2017.08.08)

Mainland site: not available yet

NUCV( to be confirmed at IRG49) Taichi Kawabata 2017.08.08


Google Drive (2017.08.08)

Mainland site: not available yet

UCV(to be confirmed at IRG49) Taichi Kawabata 2017.08.08
IRGN2241 Proposal for IRG Working Set 2017 from Vietnam Vietnam 2017.08.07

IRGN2240 (2017.08.07)

Feedback from Eiso Chan (2017.08.12)

Glyph Change Request from Vietnam Vietnam 2017.08.07
IRGN2239 (2017.07.20) Comments on Radical Moon & Radical Meat Eiso Chan 2017.07.10
IRGN2238 (2017.07.12) Request for consideration to add kIRG_GSource value to U+9FD4 as China’s horizontal extension Eiso Chan 2017.07.10

IRGN2237 (2017.07.07)

Responseby Henry Chan(2017.07.08)

Duplicate Characters in Ext. F Jaemin Chung 2017.07.07
IRGN2236 WG2 #66 Recommendations WG2 2017.06.27
IRGN2235 (2017.06.27) First Call for IRG Meeting # 49 Rapporteur 2017.06.27

IRGN2234 (2017.06.26)

Feedback by HKSARG (2017.07.15)

IRGN2234Draft2 (2017.07.18)

IWDS Update(draft) IRG 2017.06.26
IRGN2233 Proposal for IRG Working Set 2017 from UTC UTC 2017.06.21
IRGN2232 Proposal for IRG Working Set 2017 from UK UK 2017.06.21
IRGN2231 Proposal for IRG Working Set 2017 from TCA TCA 2017.06.21
IRGN2230 Proposal for IRG Working Set 2017 from SAT SAT 2017.06.21
IRGN2229 Proposal for IRG Working Set 2017 from ROK ROK 2017.06.21
IRGN2228 Proposal for IRG Working Set 2017 from China China 2017.06.21
IRGN2227 Working Set 2017 Version 0.0 IRG 2017.06.21
IRGN2226 ROK Normalization 1.1B ROK 2017.06.20

IRGN2225  (Latest Update 2017.07.24 minor update from 07.21 version marked in red)

Feedback by HKSARG(2017.07.21)

AdditionalComponents from Lee Collins (2017.07.21)

SAT Commnets (2017.07.24)

Comments by Leroy Vargas( P1 and P2  ) (2017.08.29)

Supplementary CJK Components for IDS use Henry and LQ 2017.06.20
IRGN2224 (2017.06.21)

UNC Proposal from TCA

Revised after IRG#48(WG2N2831)

TCA 2017.06.20

IRGN2223 Codechart in GoogleDrive, Postponed, WithdrawUnified, Attributes (2017.07.27)

Review by Eiso Chan Team(2017.08.07)

Additional Comments by Eison Chan (2017.08.16)

Reviews by UTC (2017.08.23)

ROK Additional Font Change(2017.08.24)

WS 2015 Version 4 IRG 2017.06.20

IRGN2222 Draft1(2017.06.27)

Feedback by Ken Lunde(2017.07.13)

Feedback by HKSARG (2017.07.15)

IRGN2222 Draft2 (2017.07.18)

IRG PnP Version 10(WG2N2833) IRG 2017.06.20
IRGN2221(2017.07.24) Consolidated Stroke Count IRG 2017.06.19

IRGN2220 (2017.06.25)

Minor update (2017.07.18)

IRG #48 Recommendations (WG2N2828)

Summary of IRG #47 and #48(WG2N2829)

IRG 2017.06.17
IRGN2219  (2017.06.25) Editorial Report on PnP and Other Misc Isuses IRG 2017.06.20
IRGN2218 (2017.06.25) Editorial Report on Issues Related to Published Standard IRG 2017.06.20

IRGN2217 (2017.06.25)

Appendix1:  Discussion records(2017.06.27)

Appendix2: New UCV and NUCV examples (2017.06.27)

Editorial Report on WS2015 and Related issues IRG 2017.06.20
IRGN2216 (17.06.16)

Proposal regarding to the development of WS2015 and further extension of CJK Unified Ideographs, and Improvement of IRG's working process

Japan 2017.06.16
IRGN2215 (17.06.16) One More Review Round for IRG WS2015 is Necessary Japan 2017.06.15
IRGN2214 (17.06.15)

Japan UNC Proposal

Revised after IRG#48(WG2N2831)

Japan 2017.06.15
IRGN2213 (17.06.15) Request for consideration to correct four K glyphs Jaemin Chung 2017.06.14
IRGN2212 (17.06.10)

Errata Report: USAT Glyph Error in Extension F (U+2E30B).

Henry Chan 2017.06.11
IRGN2211  (17.06.12)

Proposal to Reduce Amount of "Unnecessary Variants"

Henry Chan 2017.06.10  
IRGN2210 (17.06.08) Comments on U+5CC0 & U+2F936 Eiso Chan 2017.06.08
IRGN2209 (17.06.08) Error Report: Representative Glyph Error for H/T glyphs of ? (U+5DD5) Henry Chan 2017.06.08
IRGN2208 (17.06.08) Proposal to Re-assign T-source for U+38E3 Henry Chan 2017.06.08
IRGN2207 (17.06.08) Proposal to Re-assign T6-2C51 from CJK Compatibility Block to Extension F Henry Chan 2017.06.08
IRGN2206 (17.06.15) Proposal for Annotating Easily Confused Ideographs Henry Chan 2017.06.08
IRGN2205 (17.06.08)

 Proposal to Modify J-source Glyph for U+3B27

Henry Chan 2017.06.01
IRGN2204 (17.06.07) Proposal to Extend CJK Radical Supplements for better IDS Coverage Henry Chan


IRGN2203 (17.06.07) Possible Representative Glyph Error for U+809E, U+21D4C and U+9AAA Henry Chan 2017.06.
IRGN2202 (17.06.04) Request for Consideration to add kIRG_GSource values to 13 ideographs and Change two G-source glyphs for the Table of General Standard Chinese Characters Eiso Chan 2017.05.2

IRGN2201 (17.05.25)

Request for Consideration of G-Source Character Glyph Change for U+3B05 and U+3B9D Eiso Chan 2017.05.21
IRGN2200 (17.05.20) New & Updated Unihan Database Properties for China, Japan & Korea Ken Lunde 2017.05.17
IRGN2199 (17.06.15 revised) Request for consideration to add kIRG_KSource values to three ideographs Jaemin Chung 2017.05.09

IRGN2198 (17.05.07)

revised with encapsulated files(17.05.12)

UNC Proposal (WG2N2830) China 2017.05.04
IRGN2197 (17.03.22) Possible Errors in Ext. B and E Eiso Chan 2017.03.21
IRGN2196 (17.04.16) Logistics Arrangement for IRG#49 Unicode/Adobe 2017.02.22
IRGN2195 (17.06.05) UK Activity Report UK 2017.02.20
IRGN2194  (17.06.16) MSARG Activity Report MSARG 2017.02.20
IRGN2193  (17.05.27) USA/Unicode Activity Report USA/Unicode 2017.02.20
IRGN2192 (17.06.16) TCA Activity Report TCA 2017.02.20
IRGN2191 (17.06.19 ) SAT Activity Report SAT 2017.02.20
IRGN2190 (17.06.17) ROK Activity Report ROK 2017.02.20
IRGN2189 (17.06.15) Japan Activity Report Japan 2017.02.20
IRGN2188 (17.05.31) HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2017.02.20
IRGN2187 (17.06.17) China Activity Report China 2017.02.20
IRGN2186 draft (17.06.17) IRG updated email list Rapporteur 2017.02.20
IRGN2185 draft (17.06.17) IRG #48 Participant's list Rapporteur 2017.02.20
IRGN2184(17.02.20) 1st Call for IRG #48 Rapporteur 2017.02.20
IRGN2183 (17.02.13)

 Comments on IRG P&P Version 9

Ken Lunde 2017.02.13
IRGN2182 (17.01.20)

 Proposal to modify the "IRG Working Set" charts metadata

Ken Lunde 2017.01.18
IRGN2181 (16.11.28) Possible Duplication Mistakes of Ext. F Henry Chan 2016.11.28
IRGN2180 (Agenda) IRG Meeting No. 47 Recommendations IRG 2016.10.14

IRGN2179 (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, Unified&Withdrawn, Postponed, Attributes) (16.12.02)


ROKReview (17.01.13)









Consolidated comments in PDF as long file for download in Google Drive( smaller component files: P1, P2, P3 ) 17.03.13

Feedback To Consolidated Comments by UTC (17.05.27)

ROK Response (17.06.05)

UK Response (17.06.05)

SAT Response  (17.06.12)

FurtherReviewHenryChan ( P1, P2) (17.06.14 )

TCAResponse (17.06.19)

IRG WS 2015 version 3.0 IRG 2016.10.14
IRGN2178(16.10.21) IRG #47 Misc Editorial Report IRG 2016.10.14
IRGN2177(16.10.21) IRG #47 Editorial Report on WS2015 v2.0 IRG 2016.10.14
IRGN2176 (16.10.16) New UCV suggestions Henry Chan 2016.10.10
IRGN2175 (16.10.16) Canonicalization for Variant-insensitive Searching Henry Chan 2016.10.10

IRGN2174(Part1, Part2) (16.10.16 updated)

China response(16.10.20)

Errata Report Henry Chan 2016.10.10  
IRGN2173 (16.10.07) Logistics for IRG Meeting No. 48 ROK 2016.10.07
IRGN2172 Refer to IRGN2169   2016.10.03

IRGN2171 draft(16.10.10)



AdditionalFeedback  (17.06.10)

FeedbackbyHenryChanP2 (17.06.16)

IRG Stroke Count Guidelines Chen Zhuang 2016.08.24

IRGN2170 (16.06.17)

China Response(16.10.20)

Error G-source glyph of U+3B9D & Disunification of U+228C1

Ming Fan 2016.06.17
IRGN2169(16.10.14) WG2 Meeting No. 65 Recommendations WG2 2016.06.08
IRGN2168 (previous meeting list for now) IRG Meeting No 47 Participant's list Rapporteur 2016.06.07
IRGN2167 (previous list) Updated Email list Repporteur 2016.06.07
IRGN2166     2016.06.07
IRGN2165(16.09.11) USA/Unicode Activity Report USA/Unicode 2016.06.07
IRGN2164(16.10.14) TCA  Activity Report TCA 2016.06.07
IRGN2163 (16.10.17) SAT  Activity Report SAT 2016.06.07
IRGN2162 (16.10.16) ROK  Activity Report ROK 2016.06.07
IRGN2161 (16.10.17) Macao  Activity Report MSARG 2016.06.07
IRGN2160 (16.10.11) Japan  Activity Report Japan 2016.06.07
IRGN2159 (16.10.12) HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2016.06.07
IRGN2158 (16.10.16) China Activity Report China 2016.06.07
IRGN2157 (16.06.08) 1st call for IRG Meeting No. 47 Rapporteur 2016.06.07

IRGN2156 (16.05.26)

HKSARG Review(16.06.27)

SAT reponse to HKSARG Review (16.07.04)

CJK Ext. F Code Chart Michel Suignard 2016.05.26

IRGN2155 (Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Attributes, Unified Withdrawn, Postponed, ChinaFontChange ) 16.07.04

UTC Review Part1(16.07.16)

UTC Review Part2 (16.07.20)

UKReviewPart1 and UKReviewPart2, (16.07.20)

MingFanReview (16.07.24)

HKSARGReview(16.08.18) To Be posted after all reviews are received.



SATReview (16.08.22)

TCAReview(Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4) (16.08.22)


Consolidated review( Part1, Part2) (16.09.03)

UTC response(16.10.03)

UK Response(16.10.08)

ROK Response(16.10.08)

China Response(Part1, Part2) (16.10.09)

Comments on IRGN2107 (UK) by Chen Zhixiang (16.10.09)

SAT Response (16.10.10)

TCA Response (16.10.13)

QAReviewReport (16.10.13)

IRG WS 2015 version 2.0 IRG 2016.05.26

IRGN2154 (16.07.25)


IRGN2154Second Draft (16.10.17)

Version1.1 (17.06.20)

ROK Glyph Normalization IRG 2016.05.26

IRGN2153draft (16.06.07)

Feedback Andrew West  (16.06.07)

Feedback Andrew2 (16.10.19)


IRG PnP Version 9 IRG 2016.05.26
IRGN2152 Disposition Comments of CJK in 5th Edition Michel Suignard 2016.05.25
IRGN2151 updated (Appendix1, Appendix2) 16.05.26 IRG #46 Editorial Report on WS 2015 IRG 2016.05.22

IRGN2150 Confirmed

IRG Meeting No. 46 Recommendations IRG 2016.05.22
IRGN2149 16.05.26 IRG #46 Editorial Report on Ext. F and Misc IRG 2016.05.22

IRGN2132 15.12.13

Feedback(P1ROK, P2China, P3TCA, P4Japan) 16.05.26

Vietnamese Horizontal Extension Request Vietnam 2015.12.13