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N500.doc IRG #10 Resolutions IRG 18/12/1997
N485.DOC  Information on visa procedure for IRG#10 in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. Rapporteur 3/7/1997
N480B.DOC  Ideographic Radical Supplement IRG 27/6/1997
N479B.DOC  Kangxi Radicals IRG 27/6/1997
N476C.doc  Resolutions of IRG #9 Rapporteur 9/5/1997
N455.doc  Japanese Proposal to the Radical Supplement Japan/sy9705 14/4/1997
N454.doc  Addition of new radicals Japan (TKS) 8/4/1997
N453.doc  Question on the "Han Structure method" described in WG2 N1490(IRG N436) Japan (TKS) 8/4/1997
N451.doc  Error Report on V column in HPQ ISHS 6.2 Viet Nam 28/2/1997
N450.doc  CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A Version 2.0 Wang XM / CCID 24/2/1997
N449.doc  Naming of Kangxi Radicals John Jenkis, Wang Xiaoming 23/2/1997
N448.txt  Mapping Table for CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A (Version 2.0) CCID 25/2/1997
N447.txt  Mapping Table for CJK Unified Ideographs IS/HS HQP (Updated Based on N443R) CCID 25/2/1997
N446.doc  Confirmation of Error Characters Indicated By Mr. Rapportuer (FAX) Prof. Hyeon 21/2/1997
N445.txt  KS Mapping Errors, I think (email) Dr. Lun De 19/2/1997
N444.doc  Response to N413 and N422 for Changing Glyphs of K-font (FAX) Prof. Hyeon 15/2/1997
N443R.txt  Mapping Table for IS/HS IRG 21/2/1997
N442.doc  Resolution of WG2 meeting 32 IRG 20/1/1997
N441.doc  IRG Work Report to WG2, Summary Paper for IRG #8 IRG 19/1/1997
N437.doc  IRG #8 Resolution IRG 16/1/1997
N436.doc  Reply to N392 (WG'2 Questions on C/C) Ad Hoc 15/1/1997
N435.doc  Review Report for N427, Double Check Report on CJK Extension A Dr. Lu Chin & Wang Xiaoming 15/1/1997
N430.doc  IRG's Position Concerning "Japanese comments on Extension A Allocation" to WG2 IRG 15/1/1997
N429.doc  TCA's Position Concerning on the WG2's Comments of Ideographic Radical Supplement TCA 15/1/1997
N428.doc  Supplement to Composition / Components Scheme (Ideographic Composition Rules) IRG Ad Hoc Group 15/1/1997
N427.doc  Justification for the Extension A Takeo Koike / tk9701 15/1/1997
N426.doc  Comments for the IRG N413 and N418 Japan / sy9703 15/1/1997
N425.doc  National Status Report in Japan Japan / sy9702 10/1/1997
N424.doc  Modification of Japanese Proposed Repertoire for IRG Vertical Extension-A Japan / sy9701 10/1/1997
N412.txt  Working Group Meetings for ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 and WG2/IRG Wilson Lee 20/11/1996
N411A.txt  CJK Mapping Table used for HQP 2.0 ( IS/HS ) IRG 12/12/1996
N411.doc  Preface of CJK HQP 2.0 ( IS/HS ) IRG 11/12/1996
N409A.doc  Ideographic Structure Characters IRG 20/1/1997
N409.doc  Ideographic Structure Characters WG2 N1430 IRG Ad Hoc Group 26/6/1996
N408b.doc  Ideographic Component Supplement WG2 N1433 (selected from draft base) Rapporteur 15/8/1996
N408a.doc  Ideographic Component Supplement IRG Ad Hoc Group 26/6/1996
N408.doc  Proposal Summary Form: Ideographic Component Supplement WG2 N1433 IRG Ad Hoc Group 26/6/1996
N407b.doc  Ideographic Radicals List WG2 N Rapporteur and Wang Xiaoming 2/1/1997
N407a.doc  Ideographic Radicals Definition WG2 N IRG Ad Hoc Group 2/1/1997
N407.doc  Proposal Summary Form: Ideographic Radical Supplement WG2 N1432 IRG Ad Hoc Group 26/6/1996
N406a.doc  Ideographic Variation Mark WG2 N1431 IRG 27/6/1997
N406.doc  Proposal Summary Form: Ideographic Variation Mark WG2 N1431 IRG Ad Hoc Group 26/6/1996
N405.txt  Response to 5th Nov.Notice Prof. Hyeon 10/11/1996
N404.txt  Second Review of HQP1.0 T. C. Kao 25/11/1996
N403.txt  Request to Change the Mappings between UCS and Vietnam Source Code in HQP Viet Nam 5/11/1996
N402.doc  Errata Report (3) for High Quality Printing Version 1.0 (Font to be revised) Wang Xiaoming 7/11/1996
N401.doc  U+6729: Drop TCA T5-2148? Rapporteur 31/10/1996