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N900-Unicode_C1  CJK Extension C1 from Unicode Unicode 18/4/2002
N899-Singapore_C1  CJK Extension C1 from Singapore Singapore 18/4/2002
N898-VietNam_C1  CJK Extension C1 from VietNam Vietnam 18/4/2002
N897-DPRKorea_C1  CJK Extension C1 from DPRKorea DPRKorea 18/4/2002
N896-Korea_C1  CJK Extension C1 from Korea Korea 18/4/2002
N895-Japan_C1  CJK Extension C1 from Japan Japan 18/4/2002
N894-Macau_C1  CJK Extension C1 from Macau Macau 18/4/2002
N893-Hongkong_C1  CJK Extension C1 from Hong Kong Hong Kong 18/4/2002
N892-TCA_C1  CJK Extension C1 from TCA TCA 18/4/2002
N891-China_C1  CJK Extension C1 from China China 18/4/2002
N888_Info_MacaoSAR  IRG#19 (Macao) Agenda Zhang Zhoucai; IRG Rapporteur 11/3/2002
N887_Info_MacaoSAR  IRG#19 (Macao) Info MACAO 11/3/2002
N837_n2393 IRG Rapporteur¡¦s Report to WG2 #41
and SC2 #11 in Singapore
Zhang Zhoucai; IRG Rapporteur 2001-10-16
N836_18_NoticeAgenda Tentative Agenda for IRG#18 (Japan) Zhang Zhoucai; IRG Rapporteur 2001-8-23
N830_CJK_C_adHoc  Ext.-C ad-hoc group Report (IRG#17) Ext. C ad-hoc group 14/6/2001
N816_Japan_IRG18  Logistic for IRG#18 (Japan) Japan 18/6/2001
N807_TablesX0123-UCS  JIS X0123 (IBM CCSID) to UCS MAPPING TABLES IBM 13/6/2001
N803_M17_Resolutions  IRG#17 (HKSAR) - Resolutions IRG Members 21/6/2001
N801_FinalModification_Glyphs N801_FinalModification_CJK Ext.B Glyphs IRG Editors 14/6/2001