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IRGN1000_RESOLUTION  IRG#21 Resolutions IRG#21 20/11/2003
IRGN998_ActivityReport(TCA)  TCA's Activity Report TCA 14/11/2003
IRGN997_ChinaActivityReport  China's Activity Report China 12/11/2003
IRGN995_J_SubsetNote  Japan's Submission Japan 26/6/2003
IRGN994_P_SubSetData  -- -- 14/11/2003
IRGN993_T_SubsetData  --- TCA 14/11/2003
IRGN992_H_030401  Submission of commonly used characters in HKSAR HKSAR 1/4/2003
IRGN992_H_Annex3_030401 030401 
IRGN991_G_SubsetNote  China's Basic Subset Proposal China 14/11/2003
IRGN990_21_Agenda  IRG21 Meeting Agenda Zhang Zhoucai IRG Rapporteur 15/11/2003
IRGN989_CJK_inClassics  CJK Ideographs in Ancient Chinese Classics Beijing UniHan Digital Technology Co. Ltd 12/11/2003
IRGN988_UnicodeSubset  Unicode Subset Ken Lunde 13/11/2003
IRGN987_CDL_Strokes  Character Description Lang. (Stroke Types) Tom Bishop & Richard Cook 4/11/2003
IRGN986_ChineseCDL  Chinese Character Description Lang. Richard Cook 26/10/2003
IRGN985_CDL_Specs  Character Description Lang. Spec. Tom Bishop & Richard Cook 31/10/2003
IRGN984_UnicodeActivity  Unicode Activity Report (Nov 2003) Unicode 13/11/2003
IRGN983_J_Activity  Japan Activity Report (Nov 2003) Japan 11/11/2003
IRGN982_ROK_Withdraw3500  ROK to Withdraw 3500 Hanja for CJK_C ROK 31/12/2002
IRGN981_WG2n2659_KX_RichardCook  Defect Report on Kangxi Radical Forms (WG2 N2659) Richard Cook 15/10/2003
IRGN980_WG2n2667_CJK_ReferenceCorrection  CJK Ideograph source references corrections (WG2 N2667) Michel Suignard 22/10/2003
IRGN979_WG2n2649_CJK_Subset  UTC Consensus On Basic International CJK Subset (WG2 N2649) Lisa Moor 15/10/2003
IRGN978 WG2#44 resolutions (n2654)  WG2 #44 Resolutions(WG2 N2654) Zhang Zhoucai IRG Rapporteur 21/10/2003
IRGN977 Report to WG2#44 (n2670)  Reports to WG2 #44 (WG2 N2670) Zhang Zhoucai IRG Rapporteur 21/10/2003
IRGN962_HKSAR_Report  HKSAR Activity Report HKSAR 17/11/2003
IRGN961_21_NoticeAgenda IRGN961 Info & Agenda (tentative) Zhang Zhoucai IRG Rapporteur 25/2/2003
IRGN931_Subsets Call for Contribution on CJK Subsets Zhang Zhoucai; IRG Rapporteur 2002-08-20
IRGN930_NoticeAgenda IRGN930 Info & Agenda (tentative) Zhang Zhoucai; IRG Rapporteur 2002-08-20
IRGN 927_Add 2 Strokes to C1 Two more ideographic strokes for CJK_C1 IRG 9/5/2002
IRGN 926_M19_RESOLUTIONS  IRG#19 Resolutions IRG 9/5/2002
IRGN 925R  Review Report on Errors with Unification, Mapping, Source or Glyphs IRG 9/5/2002
IRGN 924  Error Correction IRG 8/5/2002
IRGN 923R  Review Report on Error Correction Encoded CJK Editorial Group 8/5/2002
IRGN 922R_ExtC_Editorial_Report  Report from the Ext C1 Editorial Group Ext. C1 Editorial Group 8/5/2002
IRGN 921_Activity_ROK  Activity Report from R.O.Korea R.O.Korea 6/5/2002
IRGN 920_DefectReport_V  Defect Report from Viet Nam Vietnam 5/5/2002
IRGN 919_InvitationFor20Meeting  Invitation and Information for Hanoi IRG#20 Meeting Vietnam 3/5/2002
IRGN 918_VStatus  National Status Report in Viet Nam Vietnam 5/5/2002
IRGN 917_Activity_HK  HKSAR Activity Report HKSAR 30/4/2002
IRGN 916  Comments on Japan's Proposal on Error Correction on Unified Ideographs in UCS China 3/5/2002
IRGN 915  Font production and the IRG China 3/5/2002
IRGN 914  Variants within the CJK Unified Ideographs China 2/5/2002
IRGN 912_Macao_Activity_Report Macao Activity Report Macao 29/4/2002
IRGN 911_6 Font Error in CJK B.pdf  6 font errors in CJK14.0 Wang Xiao Ming 22/4/2002
IRGN 910  Comments on WG2 M41.9: Single column for Unified CJK Ideogrpahs of ISO/IEC 10646-1 Japan 20/4/2002
IRGN 909.pdf  Comments on IRGN869: Font errors in Super CJK Japan 23/4/2002
IRGN 908.pdf  Comments on IRG M856 Japan 30/4/2002
IRGN 907-ExtensionC1_001-100  CJK Extension C1 Version 1.0 IRG 18/4/2002
IRGN 907-ExtensionC1_101-200 
IRGN 907-ExtensionC1_201-300 
IRGN 907-ExtensionC1_301-373 
IRGN  Reference on Ideograph Variants Dr. Lu Qin (HKSAR) 21/4/2002
IRGN 905.pdf  New Work proposal for a basic subset of CJK Unified Ideographs Japan 22/4/2002
IRGN 904.pdf  A Font Error in Extension-B Code Chart & in SuperCJK Japan 2/4/2002
IRGN 903.pdf  Proposal: Error correction on Unified ideographs in UCS Japan 25/3/2002
IRGN 902.pdf  Reconsidering request:Font supoply guide for UCS develeopment Japan 25/3/2002
IRGN 901  Japan Activity Report Japan 22/4/2002