IRG Document Index - IRGN 1001- IRGN1100

Document No.
Date first assignment 
IRGN 1100 Proposal to Reschedule the Ext-C1 Development Plan Sekiguchi 2004.12.01
IRGN 1099 CJK Stroke Ad hoc Group Report Stroke Ad Hoc 2004.11.30
IRGN 1098 Extension B Font Versioning: preliminary report Richard Cook
Asmus Freytag
IRGN 1097 Proposal to add a block of CJK basic strokes to the UCS Tom Bishop,
Richard Cook
IRGN 1096 Proposal to add a block of CJK Unified Basic Strokes to the UCS Tom Bishop,
Richard Cook
IRGN 1095 IICore List for ISO 10646 project editor (IICore.txt) IICore Ad Hoc 2004.11.29
IRGN 1094
IRGN 1094R
IICore Ad Hoc Group Report
IICore Ad Hoc 2004.11.29
IRGN 1093 Suggestions of CJK Stroke Counts Macao 2004.11.29
IRGN 1092 USA and Unicode Activity Report for IRG 23 USA & Unicode 2004.11.29
IRGN 1091 Defect report on the glyph for U+25016 and U+25871 Anan 2004.11.29
IRGN 1090 Thoughts on CJK Basic Strokes Anan 2004.11.29
IRGN 1089 Japan’s Concerns on the IRG Document Management Japan 2004.11.29
IRGN 1088 Suggestions of Basic Strokes for Extension Lu Qin 2004.11.29
IRGN 1087 Old Hanzi Contribution TCA 2004.11.29
IRGN 1086 (Attachment) Stroke Contribution TCA 2004.11.29
IRGN 1085 Activity Report of TCA TCA 2004.11.29
IRGN 1084 Macao’s activity Report for IRG #23 Macao 2004.11.29
IRGN 1083 C1 Comments from Korea ROK 2004.11.29
IRGN 1082 Republic of Korea Activity Report ROK 2004.11.29
IRGN 1081 146 ideographic components for ISO/IEC 10646 China 2004.11.22
IRGN 1080 China’s Activity Report for IRG#23 China 2004.11.22
IRGN 1079 Japan’s Activity Report for IRG#23 Japan 2004.11.22
IRGN 1078 HKSAR’s Activity Report for IRG#23 HKSAR 2004.10.05
IRGN 1077 CJK_C1v3.2 Wang Xiaoming 2004.09.15
IRGN 1076 IRG#23 Updated mailing list(in text form) IRG 2004-09-06
IRGN 1075 IRG#23 Participant List IRG 2004-09-06
IRGN 1074R IRG#23 Resolutions IRG Meeting #23 2004-12-02
IRGN 1072 IRG Meeting 23: Agenda Lu Qin 2004-09-06
IRGN 1067R
IRGN 1067R2
IICore 2.2 mapping table
IICore 2.2 mapping table (Version 2)
Tech Editor 2004-05
IRGN 1066 marked 1008R
IRGN 1065-C1_Uification_Anan Follow up action items regarding Ext-C1 unification work Yasuhiro Anan (Japan) 2004-05-27
IRGN 1064-CJK_6Add_DPRK Proposal to add 6 KP source references to existing CJK Unified Ideographs DPR of Korea 2004-05-25
IRGN 1063-Compat13_of_DPRK Proposal to add 13 KP source reference to existing CJK Compatibility Characters DPR of Korea 2004-05-25
IRGN 1062-Compati106 of DPRK Proposal to add 106 Compatibility Hanjas of D P R of Korea to CJK Compatibility Ideographs DPR of Korea 2004-05-25
IRGN 1060_WG2_IRG_Actions IRG Report to WG2 on IRG Action Items IRG 2004-05-27
IRGN 1059China&TCA_Evidence_2004_05_24
IRGN 1058EvidenceHKSAR(2004-04-29) Refined submission HKSAR 2004-04-29
IRGN 1057-2taer-030404 Additional Evidences and Discussions on Questioned Japan-Source Characters Japan 2004-05-27
IRGN 1056-1RefinedJapan Refined submission Japan 2004-05-27
IRGN 1055_OldHanziEncoding Resolution from the Old Hanzi Interest Group Old Hanzi Interest Group 2004-05-26
IRGN 1053-IICore-submissionFinal Request for Collection Identifier for International Ideograph Core Subset in ISO/IEC 10646 IRG Rapporteur 2004-04-27
IRGN 1052_IICore21_001-050
IRGN 1052_IICore21_051-100
IRGN 1052_IICore21_101-164
IRGN 1052_IICore21_mappingtable
II Core Version 2.1 IRG 2004-05-27
IRGN 1050ResolutionFinal Resolutions of IRG #22 IRG 2004-05-27
IRGN 1049IICoreReport_HKSAR Checking Report on IICore version 2.0 HKSAR 2004-05-26
IRGN 1049IICoreReport_CHINA China’s Review Report China 2004-05-27
IRGN 1049_MacaoIICoreSubmitCorrection Some amendment to submitted set of characters to IICore v2.0 by Macao S.A.R. Macao 2004-05-26
IRGN 1048_Macao_Change_Chief_Editor Notification of Re-appointment of Chief Editor of Delegation of Macao S.A.R. Macao 2004-05-24
IRGN 1047_ActionItemsFromWG2 Action Items From WG2 WG2 2004-05-27
IRGN 1046_HanjaComp
IRGN 1046r_HanjiaCompatibility
Meeting memo on DPRK Compatibility Hanja DPR of Korea 2004-05-25
IRGN 1045_CJK_C1adhocReport
IRGN 1044-Maillist Mailing List IRG 2004-05-27
IRGN 1043_NameList List of IRG#22 Participants IRG 2004-05-27
IRGN 1042-DPRK-ActivityReport-E DPK of Korea’s Activity Report DPR of Korea 2004-05-19
IRGN 1041_RefinedKorea_D1 Refined Korea D1 Korea 2004-05-19
IRGN 1040_KR_activity Korea’s Activity Report Korea 2004-05-19
IRGN 1039-JSubsetCorrection A correction to Japanese subset data for IICore1.1 Japan 2004-05-24
IRGN 1038_ActivityReportJ Japan’s Activity Report Japan 2004-05-24
IRGN 1037_RevisedChinaSubset Revised China’s Basic Subset Proposal China 2004-05-20
IRGN 1036_CJK_1_stauts_before_IRG22 CJK_C1 status before IRG#22 Chen Zhuang 2004-05-23
IRGN 1035_ChinaActivityReportForIRG22 China’s Activity Report China 2004-05-23
IRGN 1034_ChinaOnItem4ofWG2-N2644-U204F2 China’s report on item 4 of WG2-N2644 - +204F2
glyph change
China 2004-05-21
IRGN 1033_DPRK-ComHanja13 Proposal to add the 13 Compatibility Hanja code table of D P R of Korea into CJK Compatibility Ideographs Supplement DPR of Korea 2004-05-01
IRGN 1032_DPRK-ComHanja99 Proposal to add the 99 Compatibility Hanja code table of D P R of Korea into CJK Compatibility Ideographs DPR of Korea 2004-05-01
IRGN 1031_ComReviewInIRG221 Review of DPRK Compatibility Hanja DPR of Korea 2004-05-01
IRGN 1030_IRG22_Meeting Notice IRG22 Meeting Notice IRG Rapporteur 2004-04-02
IRGN 1030_22_Agenda Agenda IRG Rapporteur 2004-04-02
IRGN 1029_MacaoActivityReport Macao Activity Report Macao 2004-05-19
IRGN 1028_CJK-C1_review_principle_TCA
IRGN 1028R_Review_principle_TCA
IRGN 1028r_wrong-dup
About the review principles for CJK-C1 TCA 2004-05-19
IRGN 1027_ErrataReport_TCA Errata Report for IRG N954 TCA 2004-05-19
IRGN 1027_ExtB_Kcode_1  ExtB_Kcode_1 China 12/12/2003
IRGN 1026_ActivityReport(TCA) TCA Activity Report TCA 2004-05-19
IRGN 1026_ChinaFont21E2D21E45  China's confirmation on fonts for CJK_B 21E2D and 21E45 China 12/12/2003
IRGN 1025_UnicodeActivity Unicode Consortium Activity Report Unicode Consortium 2004-05-24
IRGN 1025_IICore1_1(TXT)  II Core IRG 8/12/2003
IRGN 1025_IICore1_1_CategoryA-01_40 
IRGN 1025_IICore1_1_CategoryA-41_80
IRGN 1025_IICore1_1_CategoryA-81_112
IRGN 1025_IICore1_1_CategoryB
IRGN 1025_IICore1_1_CategoryC_G
IRGN 1025_IICore1_1_CategoryC_H
IRGN 1025_IICore1_1_CategoryC_J
IRGN 1025_IICore1_1_CategoryC_K
IRGN 1025_IICore1_1_CategoryC_KP
IRGN 1025_IICore1_1_CategoryC_M
IRGN 1025_IICore1_1_CategoryC_T
IRGN 1024_HKSAR_18030_PUA HKSCS & GB 18030 PUA Characters Michael Suignard, Eric Muller, John Jenkins 2004-05-11
IRGN 1024_HKSAR_actions_re_WG2M44_8  Follow-up actions re: WG2 Resolution M44.8 HKSAR 26/11/2003
IRGN 1024_3270HKSCS-2001_reference 
IRGN 1023_HKSAR_Submission
IRGN 1023r_HKSAR_Submission
HKSAR Submission HKSAR 2004-05-24
IRGN 1023_WG2n2644_DefectCook  Defect Report on Duplicate Encoded CJK Forms Richard Cook 6/10/2003
IRGN 1022_HKSAR Report HK SAR activity report HKSAR 2004-05-24
IRGN 1022_WG2n2576r WG2 N2576r: Guidelines for handling CJK Unification/Dis-Unification Errors V.S. Umamaheswaran, T.K. Sato, T.L. Kobayashi 21/10/2003
IRGN 1019_PhotoEditors  Photos of the Editors IRG#21 20/11/2003
IRGN 1018_SubsetDiscussionfinal  IRG#21 Summary report of IICore Ad Hoc Group IRG#21 IICore Ad Hoc Group 19/11/2003
IRGN 1015r_Minutes_of_Editorial_Group  IRG#21 Editorial Group Minute IRG#21 Editorial Group 20/11/2003
IRGN 1014_OldHanziEncoding  Draft Agreement on Old Hanzi Encoding Li Guoying & Tom Bishop 19/11/2003
IRGN 1012_NameList  IRG#21 delegate Name List IRG#21 20/11/2003
IRGN 1011_Editors_maillist  IRG Editors Maillist IRG#21 20/11/2003
IRGN 1003_SC2n3696_Amd1_WG2n2676_PDAM1  Characters approved by WG2 for PDAM1 of ISO/IEC 10646 (N2676) WG2 22/10/2003
IRGN 1002_Comparison-of-4-IBS(TCA)  Comparison of IBS form TCA, China, Japan and DPR Korea TCA 14/11/2003
IRGN 1002_IntersectionSubset_TCA 
IRGN 1002_UnionSubsetTCA 
IRGN 1001_Change-T-Sources(TCA)  Change T-sources in UCS TCA 14/11/2003