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IRGN 1200

IRG #27 Taipei meeting Logistic Information

TCA 2006.06.01
IRGN 1199

(Attachment1_glyphs, Attachement2_Source)

Chinese preliminary proposal for the possible CJK_C2 China 2006.06.01
IRGN 1198 Proposition to drop one Japan's character from C1 candidate Japan 2006.05.30
IRGN 1197 Sample evidences for CJK C1 candidates Japan 2006.05.30
IRGN 1196 Macau SARG activity report Macaus SARG 2006.05.30
IRGN 1195 2nd Call for IRG 26 Rapporteur 2006.05.18
IRGN 1194 CJK C1 6.1 Editor 2006.05.18
IRGN 1193 Vietnam Activity Report Vietnam 2006.05.18
IRGN 1192 Unicode Activity Report Unicode 2006.05.18
IRGN 1191 Unassigned    
IRGN 1190 TCA Activity Report TCA 2006.05.18
IRGN 1189 R.O.Korea  Activity Report R. O. Korea 2006.05.18
IRGN 1188 China Activity Report China 2006.05.18
IRGN 1187 Japan Activity Report Japan 2006.05.16
IRGN 1186 HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2006.05.12


1st call for IRG 26 Rapporteur 2006.02.10
IRGN 1184(.rar form)

IRGN 1184(.pdf form)




CJK C1 v60 Chen Zhuang 2006.01.16
IRGN 1183(Apendix in Gz form, Apendix in Zip form) IDS decomposition principles(Revised by IRG) Taichi Kawabata 2005.12.28
IRGN 1182(revised) Old Hanzi Interest Group Report Old Hanzi Interest Group 2005.12.01
IRGN 1181(draft) Summary Form for WG2 IRG 2005.12.01
IRGN 1180(draft) Proposed Addition to the CJK Strokes Block of the UCS IRG 2005.12.01
IRGN 1179 CJK C1 Editorial Group Report Part2 C1 Editorial Group 2005.12.01
IRGN 1178 Error Reporting for Published CJK repertoires C1 Editorial Group 2005.12.01
IRGN 1177(Word form, PDFForm) Rectification of HKSCS Source Reference HKSAR 2005.12.01
IRGN 1176 Important Dates Regarding C1 Segikuchi 2005.12.01
IRGN 1175 Response to IRGN1173, Comments to IDS Guidelines Segikuchi 2005.12.01
IRGN 1174 Summary Report of Strokes Ad Hoc Group Strokes Ad Hoc Group 2005.12.01
IRGN 1173(revised) Comments on  IRGN1153(Guidelines on IDS Decomposition) TCA and Unicode 2005.11.30
IRGN 1172 Typical Rationale for Error Report against Published Standard C1 Editorial Group 2005.11.30
IRGN 1171 Consideration on the Decision Recording for Ext. C1 Development Japan 2005.11.30
IRGN 1170 A Short Report from the Script Encoding Initiative (reference) Debbie Anderson 2005.11.30
IRGN 1169(WordFormat, RTF_Format, PDF_Format) IDS Sampling File Template ( prepared by Francis) C1 Editorial Group 2005.11.29
WG2N3002 Principles and Procedures for Allocation of New Characters and Scripts and Handling of Defect Reports on Character Names (As reference document) WG2 2005.11.29
IRGN 1168 Principles of Old Hanzi Selection China 2005.11.29
IRGN 1167 (Revised on 2005.12.01 5pm) C1 Editorial Group Report(IRG 25) Chen Zhuang 2005.11.29(revised on 2005.12.01 at 5pm)
IRGN 1166 Report on Cuneiform Encoding Project(Reference for Old Hanzi Interest Group) Rich McGowan and Debora Anderson 2005.11.29
IRGN 1165 Summary of Old Hanzi Forum Held in Taipei 2005.10.26-28 TCA 2005.11.29
IRGN 1164 Recording Format of CJK_B Errors Chen Zhuang 2005.11.28
IRGN 1163 CJK_C1StatusBeforeIRG25 Chen Zhuang 2005.11.28
IRGN 1162 Suggested Procedural Principles for C2 Work Japan 2005.11.28
IRGN 1161 Japan's Concern on CJK C1 Quality Japan 2005.11.28

IRGN 1160

IRGN 1160R

Email List IRG 2005.11.26

IRGN 1159

IRGN 1159R

Participant's list IRG 2005.11.26
IRGN 1158 IRG#26 Resolution IRG 2005.11.26
IRGN 1157 IRG #26 Hue Meeting Logistics Information Vietnam 2005.11.23
IRGN 1156 Macao Comments and Glyph
replacement request to CJK_C1 V5.1 & 5.2
Macao 2005.11.21
IRGN 1155 Possible multiple-encoded Ideographs in the UCS Taichi Kawabata 2005.11.21
IRGN 1154 Algorithm for Identifying Duplicate Ideograph Characters by IDS Taichi Kawabata 2005.11.21
IRGN 1153(AppendixA Samples) Guidelines on IDS Decomposition Taichi Kawabata 2005. 11.21
IRGN 1152(PDF version) Tentative meeting schedule/room arrangement IRG Rapperteur 2005.11.11
IRGN 1151(Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6DSet) CJK C1 Version 5.2 IRG Editor 2005.10.27
IRGN 1150 U.S.A/Unicode Report U.S.A/Unicode 2005.10.25
IRGN 1149 Vietnam Activity Report Vietnam 2005.10.25
IRGN 1148 R.O. Korea Activity Report R.O. Korea 2005.10.25
IRGN 1147 Japan Activity Report Japan 2005.10.25
IRGN 1146(revised) TCA Activity Report TCA 2005.10.25
IRGN 1145 Macao Activity Report Macao SARG 2005.10.25
IRGN 1144 China Activity Report China 2005.10.25
IRGN 1143 HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2005.10.25
IRGN 1142( Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, GlyphError, FirstStroke, Discussion) CJK C1Version 5.1 IRG Technical Editor 2005.09.05
IRGN 1141R(Appendix

A_CampusMap, B_CampusMap_Key, C_Direction, D_Hotels)



2nd Call for IRG25 Meeting IRG Rapporteur 2005.11.11
IRGN 1141(Appendix A_CampusMap, B_CampusMap_Key, C_Direction, D_Hotels) First Call for IRG25 Meeting IRG Rapporteur 2005.09.01
IRGN 1140 Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6 CJK C1 V5.0 Wang Xiao Ming 2005.06.28
IRGN 1139 Reference information on Ideographs and IDS applications by Japanese Researchers Tai Chi 2005.05.27
IRGN 1138 Proposed Strokes for Consideration by the Stroke Set Ad Hoc Group (available 2005.05.26) R.O.Korea 2005.05.26
IRGN 1137 Stroke Set Ad Hoc Group Report (available 2005.05.27) Stroke Set Ad Hoc Group 2005.05.26
IRGN 1136R (Attachment A, Attachment B) C1 Editorial Group Report Editorial Group 2005.05.25
IRGN 1135R Old Hanzi Expert Group Report Old Hanzi Expert Group 2005.05.25
IRGN 1134 References for Old Hanzi China 2005.05.25
IRGN 1133, IRGN 1133A Basic Components (TCA) TCA 2005.05.24
IRGN 1132 Super CJK Defect Report Wang Xiao Ming 2005.05.24
IRGN 1131 U.S.A. and Unicode Activity Report USA and Unicode 2005.05.24
IRGN 1130 C1 Status Report Chen Zhuang 2005.05.24
IRGN 1129

Latest update: 2005.05.26 22:30

Room arrangement IRG Rapporteur 2005.05.23
IRGN 1128 Visual Information Provision (Japan) Japan 2005.05.24
IRGN 1127 P.R.China Activity Report China 2005.05.24
IRGN 1126

(2005.05.26 version)

IRG #24 Resolution IRG 2005.05.24
IRGN 1125 Updated Email List Wu Jian 2005.05.24
IRGN 1124 IRG 24 Participants' List Wu Jian 2005.05.24
IRGN 1123 Problems Regarding Old Hanzi TCA 2005.05.19
IRGN 1122 Proposed changes to IRGN1102 for Old Hanzi Work TCA 2005.05.19
IRGN 1121 TCA Activity Report TCA 2005.05.19
IRGN 1120 R.O. Korea Activity Report R.O.Korea 2005.05.19

IRGN 1119Bronze,

IRGN 1119Oracle,

IRGN 1119SmallSeal

Old Hanzi Samples from PRC



IRGN 1118 Change of Editor (Macao) Macao SARG 2005.05.17
IRGN 1117 Macao Activity Report Macao SARG  2005.05.17

IRGN 1116

Japan Activity Report



IRGN 1115

Viet Nam Activity Report

Viet Nam


IRGN 1114part1,

IRGN 1114part2,

IRGN 1114part3

IRGN 1114part4

(posted 2005.05.19)

Old Hanzi Samples from TCA



IRGN 1113D,

IRGN 1113Ep1,

IRGN 1113Ep2,

IRGN 1113Ep3,

IRGN 1113Ep4,

IRGN 1113Ep5

CJK_C1 v 4.2

Wang Xiao Ming


IRGN 1112

HKSARG Activity Report



IRGN 1111p1, IRGN 1111p2, IRGN 1111p3, IRGN 1111p4,

IRGN 1111p5

CJK_C1 v 4.1

Wang Xiao Ming


IRGN 1110R IRG 24 Agenda items

( Last updated 2005.05.25 11:30pm)

IRG Rapporteur 2005.05.23

IRGN 1110

1st call for IRG24 (& preliminary agenda)

Lu Qin, IRG Rapporteur


IRGN 1109

IRGN 1109A


IRG#24 Hotel Reservation Form



IRGN 1108

CDP-list in PDF and in txt

Taichi Kawabata


IRGN 1107

IRGN 1107A

IDS Decomposition Principles

Taichi Kawabata and Lu Qin


IRGN 1106

Notification of Re-appointment of Chief Editor of Delegation of Korea



IRGN 1105

Stroke Count & First Stroke (update of N954A)

C1 Editorial


IRGN 1104

Organized Maintenance of Duplicate Characters

Taichi Kawabata


IRGN 1103

Possible duplicates or disunified characters in Ext. B

Taichi Kawabata


IRGN 1102

Old Hanzi Interest Group Report

Old Hanzi Interest Group


IRGN 1101

C1 Editorial Group Report

C1 Editorial Group