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IRGN 1600draft0

IRGN 1600Draft1.

Feedback to Draft1:  



Feedback to Draft2:



IRG Standing Document Specification P&P Group 2009.06.17
IRGN 1599(Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4)

Mapping(Excl, PDF)

Responses: China, Vietnam

CJK Ext. E 6.1 Editorial Group 2009.06.17
IRGN 1598Draft(A1, A2)

IRGN1598Confirmed(A1, A2)

CJK Ext. E 6.1 Direction Editorial Group 2009.06.17
IRGN 1597(MSetP1, MsetP2, Dset, WithdrawnSet, FontUpgraded.xls, FontUpgraded.pdf, MappingTable)





CJK Ext. E.6.0 Editorial Group 2009.06.17
IRGN 1596

Direction Confirmed

TCAfeedback(P1, P2)

Direction Draft

CJK Ext. E 6.0 Direction Editorial Group 2009.06.17
IRGN 1595 Further Discussion of Ext. E D Set characters Wang Xiao Ming 2009.06.16
IRGN 1594 Annex S Revision IRG 2009.06.16
IRGN 1593 Suggested Record Keeping Examples for P&P John Knightley 2009.06.15
IRGN 1592 Status of IRGN 1549 Chen Zhuang 2009.06.15
IRGN 1591 Clarification of the Japanese Font licensing Japan 2009.06.13
IRGN 1590(Appendix) IRG P&P Editorial Report P&P Group 2009.06.03
IRGN 1589(AppendixA) Annex S editorial Group Report Annex S Group 2009.06.03
IRGN 1588

Consolidated list(P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9, P10)

Old Hanzi Interest Group Report Old Hanzi Interest Group 2009.06.03
IRGN1587(A1, A2, A3, A4) CJK D and CJK E  Editorial Group Report Editorial Group 2009.06.02
IRGN 1586(Posted 24/06/09) IRGN Meeting No. 32 Minutes Rapporteur 2009.06.02
IRGN 1585 IRG Meeting No. 32 Resolution Rapporteur 2009.06.02
IRGN 1584 IRG Meeting No. 32 Participants Rapporteur 2009.06.02
IRGN 1583 IRG Experts email list Rapporteur 2009.06.02
IRGN 1582 WG2 No. 54 Resolutions WG2 2009.06.02
IRGN 1581 Unicode/USA Activity Report Unicode/USA 2009.06.01
IRGN 1580 (Attachment)

IRGN1580R_Cover(posted on 19/07/09)

IRGN1580R_Table(re posted on 19/07/09)

IRGN1580R_Appendix(posted on 19/07/09)

Submission of Characters from Macao Information System Character Set (MISCS) MacaoSARG 2009.06.01
IRGN 1579 Japan Activity Report Japan 2009.06.01
IRGN 1578 ROKorea Activity Report ROKorea 2009.06.01
IRGN 1577 TCA Activity Report TCA 2009.06.01
IRGN 1576 MacaoSARG Activity Report MacaoSARG 2009.06.01
IRGN 1575 HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2009.06.01
IRGN 1574 China Activity Report China 2009.06.01
IRGN 1573(Appendix)

TSourceSummary(posted on July 7,09)

GsourceSummary(posted on July 8, 09)

JSourceSummary(posted on 13 July, 09)

UNCSourceSummary(posted on 13 July, 09)

Consolidated( posted on 16 July, 09)

Requirement for Additional Source Information in the Extension D Documentation

John Jekins 2009.06.01
IRGN 1572 Update Glyphs in the BMP Column HKSAR 2009.06.01
IRGN 1571 IRG Meeting No. 33 Logistics Vietnam 2009.05.15
IRGN 1570

(feedback by Bear , HKSAR)

UCV Naming Issue KIM, Kyongsok 2009.03.31
IRGN 1569

Harbor Plaza Metropolis Hotel Reservation Form

Ramada Hotel Reservation Form

Logistics Arrangement Rapporteur 2009.02.17
IRGN 1568 1st Call for IRG # 32 Meeting Rapporteur 2009.02.17
IRGN 1567 Vietnam's withdraw of Ext. D Vietnam 2009.01.13
IRGN 1566

Password required document

TCA's Evidences for Ext. D TCA 2009.01.06
IRGN 1565 IDS of Vietnam glyphs on questionable in IRGN1482 Vietnam 2009.01.01
IRGN 1564updated(with posting of IRGN1567) Vietnam 's evidences for glyphs in Ext_D Vietnam 2009.01.01
IRGN 1563 Withdraw of All ROK characters from Ext. D. ROK 2008.12.22
IRGN 1562


P&P V3 Draft1 PnP Group 2008.11.13
IRGN 1561

Feedbacks(Uma UMAmaheswaran)

P&P V2 PnP Group 2008.11.13
IRGN 1560(pre-assignment) (not used) P&P V2. Draft2 PnP Group 2008.11.13
IRGN 1559 (TaichiPreDraftingComments)



HSARGFeedBacks(09.01.25Posting), JapanFeedbacks(09.01.25 posting)

P&P V2 draft 1 PnP Group 2008.11.13
IRGN 1558(ZipMaster, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6)

You need to download the ZipMaster and all P1-P6. Then run the ZipMaster to form one document.

Consolidated List(401-540) Old Hanzi Ad Hoc Group 2008.11.13
IRGN 1557(ZipMaster, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9, P10)

You need to download the ZipMaster and all P1-P10. Then run the ZipMaster to form one document.

Old Hanzi Submission(401-470) TCA 2008.11.13
IRGN 1556

AttachmentAP1, AttachmentAP2

Old Hanzi Submission(471-540) China 2008.11.13
IRGN 1555(WithdrawnSet, WithdrawnSetMappings ) A List of Withdrawn UNC characters Editorial Group 2008.11.13

IRGN1554Mset, MsetMappings, IRGN1554Dset, DsetMappings ,


Evidences(China, Japan, TCA, UTC(Updated: 09-04-15))

UNC V4.0 Editorial Group 2008.11.13



IRGN 1553Draft

Feedback List:

HK, J. Knightely(1,2,3,4), Japan(1,2, 3), Chen Zhuang, Unicod

UNC V4.0 Directions Editorial Group 2008.11.13
IRGN 1552(MPart1, Mpart2, Mpart3, DSet,

Mapping table ) posted on 09-04-16







CJK_D V5.1 Editorial Group 2008.11.13
IRGN 1551draft (Note)




CJK_D V5.1 Directions Editorial Group 2008.11.13
IRGN 1550(pre-assignment) A List of Unification/Disunification Chars with Explanations and Evidences Editorial Group 2008.11.13
IRGN 1549( MSetP1, MSetP2, MSetP3, MSetP4, MappingTables, DSet)

HKFeedbacks(.xls, .pdf)

JapanFeedbacks(.xls, .pdf)

CJK_D V5.0 Editorial Group 2008.11.13
IRGN 1548draft

IRGN 1548 (Confirmed) and  Notes

Japan Feedbacks

CJK_D V5.0 Direction Editorial Group 2008.11.13
IRGN 1547(pre-assignment) New UCV List Annex S Group 2008.11.13

IRGN 1546


Annex S addition V5 Annex S Group 2008.11.13
IRGN 1545 Annex S Revision V5 Annex S Group 2008.11.13
IRGN 1544 Issues on Fees for IVS registration Unicode 2008.11.13
IRGN 1543 Additional Information on IVS from UTC Richard Cook 2008.11.13
IRGN 1542

Proposal to add one note to the Source Separation Rule of Annex S


China 2008.11.12
IRGN 1541 Licensing conditions Japan 2008.11.12
IRGN 1540 Hosting of IRG Meeting No. 32 HKSARG 2008.11.12
IRGN 1539 Comments on Japanese Compatibility characters John Knightley 2008.11.12
IRGN 1538 Licensing conditions China 2008.11.12
IRGN 1537 Licensing conditions TCA 2008.11.12
IRGN 1536 Licensing conditions ROK 2008.11.12
IRGN 1535 Examples of Ext. D evidences Unicode 2008.11.12
IRGN 1534 Preliminary Explanation of Ext. D sources Unicode 2008.11.12
IRGN 1533(in RAR form:  P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7)


Description of Evidences of ROK

Use this link to download the document using WinZip

ROK 2008.11.11
IRGN 1532Revised(08.12.31) UNC evidences China 2008.11.11
IRGN 1531 China's withdraw of Ext. D China 2008.11.11
IRGN 1530 Font Availability Issue ROK 2008.11.10
IRGN 1529 Ext. D Editorial Group Report(Also on Multi-column representtaion) Ext. D Group 2008.11.10
IRGN 1528 (Finalized on 19/11/08)

AppendixA: Evidences(P1, P2), Appendix B: text data file (New 19/11/08)

Further Evidences of Ext. D John Knightely 2008.11.10
IRGN 1527(AttachmentA, B1, B2, CD) Annex S Editorial Group Report Annex S Group 2008.11.10
IRGN 1526 Feedback to IRGN 1482 Vietnam 2008.11.10
IRGN 1525 Characters to be withdrawn from UNC Unicode 2008.11.10
IRGN 1524(A1, A2, A3, A4) Old Hanzi Editorial Group Report Old Hanzi Group 2008.11.10
IRGN 1523 comments to CJK Ext D V4.0 ROK 2008.11.07
IRGN 1522
Questions about the policy on the old hanzi expert group works. (tentative)


Japan 2008.11.07
IRGN 1521
Information about Japan's additional ideographs for the future extensions


Japan 2008.11.07
IRGN 1520 Feedback on PnP Version1 Draft TCA 2008.11.04
IRGN 1519Notes.


Par1.1, Part1.2, Part2toPart3, Part4



Ext. D evidences China 2008.11.04
IRGN 1518A(pdf, rtf)

IRGN 1518B(xls)

IRGN 1518C(xls)

Further Unification/non-unification Version1.1 John Knightley 2008.11.04
IRGN 1517 Activity Report, MSARG MSARG 2008.10.29
IRGN 1516 Feedback on PnP Version 1 Draft 2(IRGN 1498) HKSARG 2008.10.29
IRGN 1515 Feedback  on IRGN 1501(Further explanation on Japan's Questionable Characters in CJK D V4.0 D set) and IRGN 1483RA1(Annex S Further Examples) HKSARG 2008.10.29
IRGN 1514 Activity Report: Vietnam Vietnam 2008.10.18
IRGN 1513 IRG Meeting No. 31 updated email list IRG 2008.10.18
IRGN 1512 IRG Meeting No. 31 Participants List IRG 2008.10.18
IRGN 1511updated on 21/11/08 IRG Meeting No. 31 Minutes of Meeting IRG 2008.10.18
IRGN 1510(revised because WG2Resolution reference was changed) IRG Meeting No. 31 Resolution IRG 2008.10.18
IRGN 1509(Appendix) UNC Editorial Report

(recycled from previous assignment

IRG 2008.11.10
IRGN 1508 Activity Report: Japan Japan 2008.10.18
IRGN 1507 Activity Report: ROK ROK 2008.10.18
IRGN 1506 Activity Report: TCA TCA 2008.10.18
IRGN 1505 Activity Report, HKSARG HKSAR 2008.10.18
IRGN 1504 Activity Report: China China 2008.10.18
IRGN 1503

IRGN 1503 Discussion

IRGN PnP Version 1 Rapporteur 2008.10.17
IRGN 1502(Revised version, updated on 20/11/08) WG2 Meeting No. 53 Resolution( Revised) WG2 2008.10.17
IRGN 1501 Further explanation on Japan's questionable characters in CJK D v4.0 D set Japan 2008.10.15