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IRGN 1800

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1st Call for IRG Meeting No. 37: Grand Teton Conference Room, GWC2 Rapporteur 2011.07.03
IRGN 1799 Part1
IRGN 1799 Part2
Oracle Bone Review(Japan) Japan 2011.07.07
IRGN 1798 Revised HKSARG Ext. B Font HKSARG 2011.07.01
IRGN 1797
Part1 Part2
Oracle Bone 76-300 Review(China) China 2011.06.30
IRGN 1796 Japan Ext. B Font Status Japan 2011.06.30
IRGN 1795
TCAReview(no change)
Revised TCA Ext. B Font TCA 2011.06.30
IRGN 1794 Revised ROK Ext. B Font ROK 2011.06.30
IRGN 1793 Revised China Ext. B Font China 2011.06.29
IRGN 1792 Vietnam Ext. B Font(ttf file is not posted) Vietnam 2011.06.29
IRGN 1791 MSARG  Font for Ext. E work MSARG 2011.06.24
IRGN 1790 WG2 P&P Review on Item D WG2 2011.06.23
IRGN 1789 WG2 Meeting No. 58 Resolution WG2 2011.06.23
IRGN 1788 IRG and IVD Unicode 2011.06.08
IRGN 1787(Part1-77-300, Part2-301-540 ) Consolidated Old Hanzi(Index of 77-540) Old Hanzi 2011.06.07
IRGN 1786
Request for Comments on Font-making of Oracle-Bone scripts(WG2N 4048) TCA 2011.06.07
IRGN 1785 list of typical comments in English(Old Hanzi) Suzuki Toshiya 2011.06.03
IRGN 1784 Notes only
China Feedback
Japan Feedback
ROK Feedback
HKSAR Feedback
Vietnam Feedback
ROK FeedbackP2
Consolidated(unconfirmed) /confirmed see notes.
HKSARresponseto ROKComments
ROK Response toComments
TCA response, TCAGlyph
China response
Revised Ext. B Table(for IRG37 review to be available after July1,11): Go to the following site to down load the file. Not kept on the IRG site Unified Ideographs Extension B.pdf

Note: There is no request for modification to the consolidated comments. So it is considered confirmed.
IRG Editors 2011.05.28
IRGN 1783 Comments on issues raised in N4021(IVD of UTC) UK/Andrew West 2011.05.24
IRGN 1782 R.O.Korea's proposal for indicating relevant components of CJK characters in NB's comments/feedback ROKorea 2011.05.06
IRGN 1781 R.O.Korea's proposal to add a section RE: a procedure for a horizontal extension ROKorea 2011.05.06
IRGN 1780

China Evidence for Ext. E. IRG Technical Editor 2011.04.14
IRGN 1779Main mapping

Mset(P1_001_100, P2_101_200,P3_201_323)



USAP1, USAP2, USAP3, Vietnam, HKSARG, Japan

Japan, TCA, TCA2
Ext. E v 6.2 Rapporteur 2011.04.14
IRGN 1778 Evidence of 1 character MaoSAR 2011.04.12
IRGN 1777 Comments on WDS K.S. Kim 2011.04.12
IRGN 1776(AppendixA, AppendixB ) Old Hanzi Editorial Group Report Old Hanzi Group 2011.04.12
IRGN 1775
(Appendix Confirmed and posted on 08/05/11)

Feedbackfrom Japan before confirmation

CJK Editorial Group Report CJK Editorial Group 2011.04.12
IRGN 1774 IWDS 36 update to IWDS 33(Server is working)  Taichi 2011.04.11
IRGN 1773 TCA review result on Old Hanzi 2nd round TCA 2011.04.11
IRGN 1772 IRG P&P Update Rapporteur 2011.04.10
IRGN 1771 (revised)
Japan's Proposal of Oracle Bone Coding Framework Japan 2011.04.10
IRGN 1770 (confirmed) IRGN Meeting No. 36 Resolution Rapporteur 2011.04.10
IRGN 1769 Email List Rapporteur 2011.04.10
IRGN 1768 Participants List Rapporteur 2011.04.10
IRGN 1767 Japan's Concern Regarding How to Develop CJK Chart for ISO10646 3ed Japan 2011.04.07
IRGN 1766 Suggestion not to use "corrigendum Japan 2011.04.07
IRGN 1765 Current Status of IVS Support in OSes & Applications Ken Lunde 2011.04.06
IRGN 1764 TCA Activity Report TCA 2011.04.05
IRGN 1763 US/Unicode Activity Report US/Unicode 2011.04.05
IRGN 1762 ROK Activity Report ROK 2011.04.05
IRGN 1761 MSAR Activity Report MSARG 2011.04.05
IRGN 1760 Japan Activity Report Japan 2011.04.05
IRGN 1759 HKSAR Activity Report HKSARG 2011.04.05
IRGN 1758 China Activity Report China 2011.04.05
IRGN 1757
Preliminary Proposal for an Ideographic Variation Database Registration UTC 2011.04.02
IRGN 1756 Hosting of IRG Meeting No. 38 by Korea ROKorea 2011.03.24
IRGN 1755 Korean Extension B font V47 ROKorea 2011.03.24
IRGN 1754 Re-confirm on how to use Super CJK document and Japan's concern Japan 2011.02.24
IRGN 1753 Suggest To Make Two G-glyphs Distinctively Different(3EAC and 248F2) HKSAR 2011.02.16
IRGN 1752 Revised G-Fonts for CJK-B China 2011.02.14
IRGN 1751 Revised T-Fonts for CJK-C TCA 2011.01.31
IRGN 1750 1st Call for IRG meeting 36 Rapporteur 2010.12.31
IRGN 1749 IRG Meeting 36 Logistics China 2010.12.31
IRGN 1748 (for IRGN 1707)
Round 2:
USA_Unicode(zipped file)

Japan Comment

ROK response
HK response
Japan Response
China Response
TCA Response
TCA Response Part2(Table 4)
TCA Response Part3
Vietnam Response
Revised Ext_B Multicolumn code chart Michel Suignard 2010.11.11
IRGN 1747 Updated
IRGN 1747A
Prof. Kim's Feeback
Old Hanzi P&P Version 3 Old Hanzi Expert Group 2010.11.11
IRGN 1746 Old Hanzi Expert Group Report Old Hanzi Expert Group 2010.11.11
IRGN 1745
Appendix(P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7)
Editorial Group Report Editorial Group 2010.11.11
IRGN 1744 Corrigendum on Wrong Glyph of CJK_B of UCS 2003(version 1) IRG 2010.11.11
IRGN 1743 WDS Update for Unification/Disunification Examples IRG 2010.11.11
IRGN1742 Proposal to form another Ad-Hoc for Old Hanzi Coding Architecture Japan 2010.11.09
IRGN 1741(draft) IRG P&P Update Rapporteur 2010.11.08
IRGN 1740 Missing MSARG Characters in Ext. E MSAR 2010.11.08
IRGN1739(Data, PartA  Part B, PartC(shown in IRG), Part D) MSAR Character evidence for Ext. E characters MSAR 2010.11.08
IRGN 1738 GKX source issues Japan 2010.11.07
IRGN 1737 Comment on IRG N1519 part 1, 2, 3 and 4, Chinese evidences for CJK Unified Ideographs Extension E. SUZUKI Toshiya 2010.11.07
IRGN 1736CodeChartDowloadsiteInfo Add Big Five mappings/glyphs to the H Source for the Unihan Database and Code Charts (with 2 attached mapping tables) Ken Lunde 2010.10.30
IRGN 1735 Vietnam Activity report. Vietnam 2010.10.29
IRGN 1734 M set/D set --> M-set/D-set in IRG P&P Version 5 (IRG N1646) ROK 2010.10.29
IRGN 1733 IRG Meeting No. 35 email list IRG Rapporteur 2010.10.16
IRGN 1732 IRG Meeting No. 35 Participants IRG Rapporteur 2010.10.16
IRGN 1731 IRG Meeting No. 35 Minutes IRG Repporteur 2010.10.16
IRGN 1730 IRG Meeting No. 35 Resolution IRG Rapporteur 2010.10.16
IRGN 1729 US/Unicode Activity Report US/Unicode 2010.10.16
IRGN 1728 TCA Activity Report TCA 2010.10.16
IRGN 1727 ROK Activity Report ROK 2010.10.16
IRGN 1726 MSAR Activity Report MSARG 2010.10.16
IRGN 1725 Japan Activity Report Japan 2010.10.16
IRGN 1724 HKSAR Activity Report HKSARG 2010.10.16
IRGN 1723 China Activity Report China 2010.10.16
IRGN 1722 WG2 Meeting No. 57 Resolution (with IRG related issues highlighted) WG2 Convenor 2010.10.10
IRGN 1721revised14/10/10 Registration Form IRG Meeting No. 35 Logistics Information MacaoSAR 2010.10.09
IRGN 1720(P1, P2) Japan Feedback Review of Extension C font Michel Suignard 2010.10.07
IRGN 1719 Proposal to append one CJK Unified Ideograph to the URO(Approved/Informative) Joint US/UTC Contribution 2010.09.21
IRGN 1718 Details of Logistics for IRG Meeting No. 35 Macao SARG 2010.09.11
IRGN 1717(first call,  2nd call) 1st Call for IRG Meeting No. 35/2nd Call Rapporteur 2010.09.08
IRGN 1716Feedbacks:     Japan Detailed mappings to Yinzhou Jinwen Jicheng Yinde (殷周金文集成引得) for ZJW characters China 2010.09.08
IRGN 1715
Feedback (in order of discussion)










FDis-ISO 10646 CJK BMP( Text pointing to download server) Michel Suignard 2010.09.08
IRGN 1714 T font Correction TCA 2010.09.08
IRGN 1713 V font Correction Vietnam 2010.09.08
IRGN 1712 J Font Description Japan 2010.09.08
IRGN 1711 G Font Correction China 2010.09.08
IRGN 1710 Improve glyph of U4D07 ROKorea 2010.07.03
IRGN 1709 Seminar: Developing International Standards (Esp. of  CJK Ideographs) Masahiro Sekiguchi 2010.06.28
IRGN 1708 Seminar: Fundamentals of CJK Encoding LU Qin 2010.06.28
IRGN1707(Download from Website)






Consolidated Draft(without US)
Ext. B Multi-column with 2003 Single column font
( )
Michel Suignard 2010.06.25
IRGN 1706
Consolidated P&P of Old Hanzi Japan 2010.06.24
IRGN 1705 Consolidated Old Hanzi Version 2 Old Hanzi 2010.06.24
IRGN 1704 FTP Site for IRG Use Rapporteur 2010.06.24
IRGN 1703 Old Hanzi Editorial Report Old Hanzi Group 2010.06.24
IRGN 1702 Multi-column code chart font encoding suggestion Ken Lunde 2010.06.24
IRGN 1701 Update to IWDS Editorial Group 2010.06.23