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AMD8.DOC  Annex T (informative) Procedure for the unification and arrangement of CJK Ideographs (N490) B. Paterson, John Jenkins
Comments.doc  Report on JTC1 Letter Ballot on DAM No. 8 to ISO/IEC 10646-1 (New Annex on CJK ideographs) IRG
N/A  Mapping Table for CJK Unified Ideographs Internal/Horizontal Supplemnetation Version 6.2 IRGN1704
RFC3743 Joint Engineering Team (JET) Guidelines for
Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Registration and
Administration for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
Network Working Group
Outside Source
WG2N2904 WG2 #46 Resolution WG2 2005.05.24
WG2N3019 WG2 document as a reference for submission of scripts with evidence Michael Everson 2006.06.07
WG2N3104pdf(WG2N3104 .doc


WG2 Meeting #48 Resolution and SC2 Meeting #14 Resolution WG2 /SC2 2006.06.05

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C1 Submission Summary Form (this is the same as the IRG N1226). Attachment A including three documents are C1V8.0 final version for WG2. IRG 2006.08.14
IRG21 Meeting Notice & Agenda IRG21 Meeting (Nov 17-21 2003) Agenda Zhang Zhoucai IRG Rapporteur 24/9/2003
IRG21_Pending IRG21 Pending Zhang Zhoucai IRG Rapporteur 24/6/2003
IRG21 Postponed IRG21 Postponed Zhang Zhoucai IRG Rapporteur 1/4/2003
Info for Flights to Guilin  Info for Flights to Guilin ---- 25/2/2003
IRG20Docs IRG20 Meeting Docuements IRG20 Delegates 2002-11-22
IRG#19_Delegates_List IRG#19 Delegates List Macao 29/4/2002
workforce contacts Macao host contacts Macao 9/5/2002
Photos_01-20  Pictures taken during the IRG#19 IRG 9/5/2002
IRG18 documents Docuements for IRG#18 (Japan) IRG 2001-12-1
B_Comments.exe Draft Comments on Extension B Chen Zhuang; IRG editors 9/1/2000  Mapping Table for CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A Version 1.1 IRG 1/8/1996  pDam 28 Working Draft on Ideographic Structure Sequences Rapporteur 22/5/1998
hotel.doc  Hotel Information for IRG#13 (HKSAR) IRG 12/4/1999