HUI Ka-Hei

PhD Student@CUHK

Hello, I am Ka-Hei Hui, Edward!

I am currently a third-year PhD student studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, supervised by Prof. Chi-Wing Fu, Philip. Before that, I graduated with the BSc. of Computer Science (with first class honor) from the same university also supervised by Prof. Fu.

Research Interest

My current research interests fall into 3D shape analysis and generation. In particular, I am interested in developing deep learning methods to synthesize 3D content in various forms, e.g., point clouds, implicit functions, and meshes. I am also interested in exploring new data-driven approaches for solving combinatorial optimization problems in computational assemblies.


  • [08/2022]Wavelet Generation is accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2022 (Conference Track).
  • [03/2022]Neural Template is accepted to CVPR 2022.
  • [07/2021]My own website is online now!
  • [03/2021]SP-GAN was accepted to SIGGRAPH 2021.
  • [03/2020]TilinGNN was accepted to SIGGRAPH 2020.
  • [09/2019]ComputeLego was accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2019.