Current members

  • CUI Fan (Ph.D. student; Area: SysML)
  • ZHANG Pengfei (Ph.D. student; Area: SysML)
  • LU Baotong (Ph.D. student; Area: Database & Supercomputing)
  • LAI Ziliang (HK PhD Fellowship 2019 awardee; Area: Blockchain and Distributed Systems)
  • HAN Chenxia (MPhil. student; Area: SysML)
  • CHANG Chaokun (MPhil. student; Area: SysML)
  • WONGKHAM Chaichon (MPhil. student; Area: Database & Supercomputing)


  • ZHOU Xuxuan (M.Phil 2019)
  • BAI Ran (Ph.D. 2019)
  • Chris LIU (M.Phil 2018)
  • Julian YIP (M.Phil 2018)
  • Wenjian XU (Ph.D. 2018; Currently: Alibaba)
  • Bo TANG (Postdoc 2017; Currently: Assistant Professor at Southern University of Science and Technology)
  • Longcun JIN (Hong Kong Scholar Postdoc 2016; Currently: Associate Professor at South China University of Technology)
  • Qiang ZHANG (Ph.D 2016; Last known employment: Tencent)
  • ZiQiang FENG (M.Phil 2015; Currently: Google Mountain View)
  • Zhouyue ZHAO (2015 Intern from Shanghai Jiaotong University ACM class; Currently: Ph.D student at Utah University)
  • Andy HE (Ph.D 2015; Last known employment: Microsoft)
  • Jianguo WANG (M.Phil 2014; co-supervised with PolyU Ken Yiu; Currently: Assistant Professor at Purdue)
  • Bruce Kwok (2013 Intern from National Tsing Hua University ACM class; Last known employment: Yahoo! Taiwan)
  • Petrie WONG (M.Phil 2012; Last known employment: Yahoo! Japan)
  • Duncan YUNG (M.Phil 2012; Last known employment: Walmart Lab, Sunnyvale, CA)
  • ZHANG Yiwei (M.Phil 2012; co-supervised with HKU Ben Kao; Last known employment: Amazon San Francisco)
  • Ming-Hay Luk (M.Phil 2011; Last known employment: Yahoo! San Francisco)