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(Latest Version is Version 17 in IRGN2652,  confirmed at IRG#62)

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62 IRGN2655- IRGN2681 Online meeting Hosted by Unicode 2024.03.18-2024.03.22 agenda, recommendations
61 IRGN2613-IRGN2654 Yale University 2023.10.16-2023.10.20 agenda, recommendations
60 IRGN2588 -IRGN2612 Online meeting Hosted by Unicode 2023.03.20-2023.03.24 agenda, recommendations
59 IRGN2557-IRGN2588 Online meeting Hosted by Unicode 2022.10.17-2022.10.21 agenda, recommendations
58 IRGN2521-IRGN2556 Online meeting Hostd by Unicode 2022.03.14-2022.03.14 agenda, recommendations
57 IRGN2492 - IRGN2520 Online meeting Hosted by Unicode 2021.09.13-2021.09.17 agenda, recommendations
56 IRGN2449-IRGN2491 Online meeting Hosted by Unicode 2021.03.15-2021.03.18 agenda, recommendations
55 Cancelled due to CoVID19 New Haven, CT, USA 2020.10.19-2020.10.23  
54 Cancelled due to CoVID19 California, USA    
53 IRGN2392-IRGN2448 Shenzhen, China 2019.10.21-2019.10.25 agenda, recommendations
52 IRGN2350-IRGN2391 Hong Kong 2019.05.14-2019.05.17 agenda, recommendations
51 IRGN2312-IRGN2349 Hanoi, Vietnam 2018.10.22-2018.10.26 agenda, recommendations
50 IRGN2276-IRGN2311 Beijing, China 2018.05.21-2018.05.25 agenda, recommendations
49 IRGN2241-IRGN2275 San Jose, USA 2017.10.16-2017.10.20 agenda, recommendations
48 IRGN2184-IRGN2240 Seoul, Korea 2017.06.19-2017.06.23 agenda, recommendations
47 IRGN2147-IRGN2183 Matsuyama, Japan 2016.10.18-2016.10.21 agenda, recommendations
46 IRGN2131-IRGN2156 Beijing, China 2016.05.23-2016.05.27 agenda, recommendations
45 (Archived*) IRGN2088-IRGN2133 Hong Kong SARG 2015.11.16-2015.11.20 agenda, recommendations
44 (Archived*) IRGN2056-IRGN2092 Seoul, Korea
Specially arranged meeting in Beijing, China
agenda, recommendations
43 (Archived*) IRGN2022-IRGN2055 San Jose, USA 2014.11.17-2014.11.21 agenda, recommendation
42 (Archived*) IRGN1981-IRGN2021 Qingdao, China 2014.05.19-2014.05.23 agenda, resolutions
41 (Archived*) IRGN1950-IRGN1980 Tokyo, Japan 2013.11.18-2013.11.22 agenda, resolutions
40 (Archived*) IRGN1923-IRGN1949 Hong Kong, China 2013.05.20-2013.05.24 agenda, resolutions
39 (Archived*) IRGN1880-IRGN1922 Hanoi, Vietnam 2012.11.12-2012.11.16 agenda, resolutions
38 (Archived*) IRGN1810-IRGN1879 Gyeongju, Korea 2012.06.18-2012.06.22 agenda, resolutions
37 (Archived*) IRGN1757-IRGN1844 Mountain View, California, USA 2011.11.07-2011.11.11 agenda, resolutions, schedule
36 (Archived*) IRGN1710-IRGN1798 Chongqing, China 2011.04.11-2011.04.15 agenda, resolutions, schedule
35 (Archived*) IRGN1673-IRGN1748 Macao, China 2010.11.08-2010.11.12 agenda, resolutions, schedule, minutes
34 (Archived*) IRGN1617-IRGN1710 Nagaoka, Japan 2010.06.21-2010.06.25 agenda, resolutions, schedule, minutes
33 (Archived*) IRGN1580-IRGN1664 Da Nang, Vietnam 2009.11.23-2009.11.27 agenda, resolutions, minutes
32 (Archived*) IRGN1483-IRGN1606 Hong Kong, China 2009.06.15-2009.06.19 agenda, resolutions, schedule, minutes
31 (Archived*) IRGN1450-IRGN1567 Kunming, China 2008.11.10-2008.11.14 agenda, resolutions, schedule, minutes
30 (Archived*) IRGN1401-IRGN1488 Busan, ROKorea 2008.06.09-2008.06.14 agenda, resolutions, minutes
29 (Archived*) IRGN1272-IRGN1403 San Jose, California 2007.11.12-2007.11.16 agenda, resolutions, minutes
28 (Archived*) IRGN1272-IRGN1341 Xian, Shaanxi, China 2007.06.04-2007.06.08 agenda, resolutions, minutes
27 (Archived*) IRGN1229-IRGN1279 Sanya, Hainan, China 2006.11.27-2006.12.01 agenda, resolutions, minutes(part1, part2, part3)
26 (Archived*) IRGN1185-IRGN1236 Hue, Vietnam 2006.06.09-2006.06.09 agenda, resolutions, schedule
25 (Archived*) IRGN1141-IRGN1184 Berkeley, USA 2005.11.28-2005.12.02 agenda, resolutions, schedule
24 (Archived*) IRGN1074-IRGN1140 Kyoto, Japan 2005.05.24-2005.05.27 agenda
23 (Archived*) IRGN1067-IRGN1106 Jeju, Republic of Korea 2004.11.29-2004.12.03 agenda, resolutions
22 (Archived*) IRGN1022-IRGN1065 Chengdu, Sichuan, China 2004.05.24-2004.05.28 agenda, resolutions
21 (Archived*) IRGN961-IRGN1027 Guilin, China 2003.11.17-2003.11.21 agenda, resolutions, minutes
20 (Archived*) IRGN919-IRGN958 Hanoi, Vietnam 2002.11.18-2002.11.22 agenda
19 (Archived*) IRGN887-IRGN927 Macao, China 2002.05.06-2002.05.10 agenda, resolutions
18 (Archived*) IRGN816-IRGN885 Tokyo, Japan 2001.12.03-2001.12.07 agenda
* Documents were archived to Google Drive.


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