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Some of IRG 56-60 documents are listed here for convenience. Please go to the respective IRG meeting websites to get complete document sets of the respective meetings.

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 Meeting Agenda and schedule are available and will be continuously updated during IRG#61


Photo_ScreenCapture, Photo_Yale1HEIC form( JPG form ),  Photo_Yale2HEI form ( JPG form )


Two IRG related books  (One by Prof. Guoying Li, the other by Prof. Jing Tsu )








Doc Number



Date first assignment
 IRGN2680 IRG WS 2024 V1.0 IRG  
IRGN2656 (2023.12.13)
Proposal for Unique IRG Source References
Michel Mariani 2023.12.13
IRGN2655 Korea-origin Hanja chars and glyphs in G and J columns of UCS ROK 2023.11.27
IRGN2654 IRG Updated disunified ideographs from IRG#47(to be confirmed at IRG#62) IRG 2023.10.17
IRGN2653 3 Updated G-source characters in UCS IRG 2023.10.17
IRGN2652 draft1 (2023.12.07) IRG PnP Version 17 IRG 2023.10.17

IRGN2651 (2023.10.17)

Updated Glyph (2023.10.20)

proposal to change the glyph for U+21128
Lee Collins(Vietnam) 2023.10.17
IRGN2650 (2023.10.16)
Proposal to update representative glyph of U+3029 SUZHOU NUMERAL NINE with Feedback from reviewers
Night Koo 2023.10.16
IRGN2649 (2023.10.16) Application for encoding some ideographs used in Chinese geographical names   2023.10.15
IRGN2648 (2023.10.06) Request to update the G-Source reference for U+320DD Eiso Chan and H.W. Ho 2023.10.06

IRGN2647 (2023.10.02)

Feedback by Henry Chan (2023.10.17)


Proposal to encode (disunify) two stroke characters in CJK Strokes block Night Koo 2023.10.02
IRGN2646 (2023.10.02) Request IRG for consideration to accept the intralingual captions and the interlingual subtitles as evidence in future IRG WS Eiso Chan 2023.09.30

IRGN2645( GoogleDrive, Weiyun )  (2023.10.06)

Very large file

Updated proposal on encoding Jianzi Musical Notation and format controls to UCS and Unicode CAAPH, Eiso Chan, Richard Zou, Zhao Liu, et al 2023.09.30
IRGN2644 (2023.09.26) Call for IRG#61 Zoom Registration IRG Convenor 2023.09.26

IRGN2643Main (CharacterList_pdf, CharacterList_txt), Evidence files (Google Part 1, Part2, Part3; Weiyun Part1, Part2, Part3) (2023.10.10)

Feedback by Ken Lunde (2023.10.13)

ROKResponse to Ken Lunde  and Eiso Chan (2023.10.14)

IRGN2643Revised (CharacterList, TxtList ) (2023.10.14)

A Horizontal Extension of 300 some K characters
ROK 2023.09.21
IRGN2642 (2023.10.10) Proposal to Update Reference Glyphs Kushim Jiang 2023.09.17

IRGN2641 (2023.10.16)

Appendix(SamplePublicationPage) (2023.10.18)

A brief introduction to Chinese rarely used place name related ideographs Wang Xieyang 2023.09.04
IRGN2640 (2023.08.03) Request for Consideration to Confirm the Regional Names of IRG Eiso Chan 2023.08.01

IRGN2639 John Kightley Feedback (2023.10.13)

Henry Chan Feedback (2023.10.16)

Suggested Submission Template by Henry (2023.10.19)

IRG WS 2024 Related issues IRG 2023.10.13
IRGN2638 (2023.10.10) China's 621 UNC(tentative title) China 2023.08.01

IRGN2637 (2023.07.05)

Feedback by Kushim Jiang (2023.10.06)

Script-hybrid and abreviated CJK letters Gen Kojitani 2023.07.05
IRGN2636 (2023.07.05) Request to confirm one unification for U+2C21C Eiso Chan 2023.07.05

IRGN2635 (2023.05.18)

Feedback by TCA (2023.10.14)

Suggestions on Application for Horizontal Extension of Multiple Sources in CJK Ext. I Shen Tianheng 2023.05.18

IRGN2634 (Google Drive, Weiyun)  and character glyph chart (2023.05.18)

Feedback by Wang Xieyang(GoogleDrive, Weiyun)  (2023.10.17)

Suggestions on Unifying Complex Hongmen Related Ideographs Wang Xieyang 2023.05.18
IRGN2633 (2023.05.18) 1st Call for IRG Meeting #61 IRG 2023.05.
IRGN2632AttributesTable (2023.12.24) IRG WS 2021 Version 6.0 IRG 2023.05.
IRGN2631 (2023.10.13) Vietnam  Activity Report Vietnam 2023.05.11
IRGN2630 (2023.09.21) Unicode/USA Activity Report Unicode 2023.05.11
IRGN2629 (2023.09.30) UK Activity Report UK 2023.05.11
IRGN2628 (2023.10.14) TCA Activity Report TCA 2023.05.11
IRGN2627 (2023.10.16) SAT Activity Report SAT 2023.05.11
IRGN2626 (2023.10.13) ROK Activity Report ROK 2023.05.11
IRGN2625 (2023.10.12) MSARG Activity Report MSARG 2023.05.11
IRGN2624  (2023.10.04) HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2023.05.11
IRGN2623 (2023.10.14) China Activity Report China 2023.05.11
IRGN2622Confirmed (2023.10.20) IRG #61 Misc Editorial Report IRG 2023.05.11

IRGN2621Confirmed (2023.10.20)

AppendixB:NewUCV/NUCV, AppendixC: NewSubmissionForm )

IRG WS 2021 V5.0 Editorial Report IRGbb 2023.05.11

IRGN2620 draft (2023.10.19)

IRGN2620Confirmed (2023.10.20)

IRG #61 Recommendations IRG 2023.05.11
IRGN2619 draft (2023.10.17) IRG Expert List IRG 2023.05.11
IRGN2618  (2023.10.04) IRG#61 Participants List IRG 2023.05.11
IRGN2616 (2023.05.04) Suggestions to correct the representative glyphs of 4 CJKUIs Wang Xieyang 2023.05.04
IRGN2615 Draft GoogleDrive, Weiyun (2023.11.10)
 Updated UCV list at IRG#61 to be confirmed at IRG#62
IRGN2614 (2023.04.02) JTC1 Code of Conduct SC2 secretary 2023.04.02
IRGN2613 (2023.08.21) Revised T-Source glyph TCA 2023.03.24

IRGN2612 (2023.03.24, updated)

FeedbackP1 by John Kightley(2023.10.13)

FeedbackP2 by John Kightley (2023.13.16)

Feedback by Tao Yang & Chen Zhixiang (2023.10.16)

Feedback by Henry Chan 2023.10.19)

Issues on Transliteration IRG Convenor 2023.03.24
IRGN2611 (2023.04.01) Revised 2 G-Source glyphs China 2023.03.23
IRGN2610 GoogleDrive(2023.04.17), Weiyun(2023.04.17) Updated UCV list at IRG#61 Yi Bai 2023.03.23

IRGN2609 (2023.03.16)

Feedback by Sim (2023.03.20)

FeedbackHenry (2023.03.23)

G glyphs for U+25D89 and U+28BBA Jaemin Chung 23.03.15

IRGN2608 (2023.02.22)

FeedbackTCA (2023.03.16)

ROK Response (2023.03.22)

FeedbackHenry (2023.03.23)

Request for consideration to disunify three KP1-Source characters and other related issues E. Chan 23.02.20
IRGN2607 (2023.02.22) Proposal to maintain an evidence collection system in ORT K. Jiang, E. Chan, Y. Bai, T. Shen 23.02.14

IRGN2606, Preprocessed attributes(2023.04.12)

CodeChart (GoogleLink, WeiyunLink), Attribute Table and Summary of import change (2023.06.19)

Feedback by Kushim Jiang (2023.09.18)

Consolidated Comments on GoogleDrive, Weiyun (2023.09.21)

Feedback by Kushim Jiang on Ligature (2023.10.10)

ResponseToComments by Wang Xieyang (2023.10.17)

IRG WS 2021 V. 5.0 IRG 23.02.01
IRGN2605 (2023.03.24) Editorial Report for Misc Items at IRG#60 IRG 23.02.01

IRGN2604 (2023.03.24)


(GoogleDrive, Weiyun) (2023.03.24), AppendixB_NewUCVs

draft  (updated 2023.03.25)

Editorial Report for  WS 2021 (V. 4.0) at IRG#60 IRG 23.02.01
IRGN2603 (2023.03.16) Expert List IRG 23.02.01
IRGN2602 (2023.03.04) Do check Participants List IRG 23.02.01
IRGN2601 (2023.03.16) Vietnam Activity Report Vietnam 23.02.01

IRGN2600 draft (2023.03.23)

IRGN2600Confirmed (2023.03.24)

IRG Meeting #60 Recommendations IRG 23.02.01
IRGN2599 (2023.02.07) USA/Unicode Activity Report USA/Unicode 23.02.01
IRGN2598 UK Activity Report UK 23.02.01
IRGN2597 (2023.03.17) TCA Activity Report TCA 23.02.01
IRGN2596 (2023.03.19) SAT Activity Report SAT 23.02.01
IRGN2595 (2023.03.09) ROK Activity Report ROK 23.02.01
IRGN2594 (2023.03.16) MSARG Activity Report MSARG 23.02.01
IRGN2593 (2023.03.07) HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 23.02.01
IRGN2592 (2023.03.16) China Activity Report China 23.02.01
IRGN2591 (2023.02.03) GB 18030-2022 Feedback



IRGN2590 (Updated 2023.05.17), Yale link included

Registration form

IRG #61 Logistics

The Yale Host link:

Follow the link to Yale host provided page for discounted hotel bookings. Bookings must be made by July 15.

Yale University 23.01.25
IRGN2589 (2023.02.01) 1st Call for IRG Meeting #60 IRG Convenor 23.02.01

IRGN2588 (DatafileinPDF, source mapping text file , evidenceGoogle, EvidenceWeiyun) (2023.02.28)

IRGN2588R (DataFilePDF, SourceMappingTextFile ) 2023.03.17)

Horizontal Extension of 150 K characters ROK 2023.01.11

IRGN2587 text (2023.03.16)

IRGN2587pdf (2023.03.17)

Request for glyph change of Vietnam characters Vietnam  
IRGN2586 (2022.10.27) Request for Glyph Change of 21 T-source Characters in UCS and 4 horizontal extension TCA  
IRGN2585 Request for Glyph Change of 63 K-source Characters in UCS ROK  
IRGN2584  At GoogleDrive, At Weiyun (2022.10.29) Updated UCV at IRG#59 IRG  
IRGN2583 (2022.10.18) WG2N5194 on IRG feedback IRG  

IRGN2582draft (2023.02.28)

Ken Lunde Feedback(2023.03.15)

John Knightley Feedback (2023.03.06)

IRGN2582Draft2 (2023.03.21, updated 2023.03.22 to add Section 2.1.5, also updated the definition of nonce characters in glossary on 2023.03.23 at 6:40)

Prof. Kim Feedback (2023.03.23)

John KnightleyFeedback2(2023.03.24)

ResponsetoProfKimfromSuzuki (2023.03.24)

IRGN2582Confirmed (2023.03.24)

IRG PnP Version 16 IRG  

IRGN2581 Attributes and Summary,  Chart on Google drive and Weiyun (2023.01.11)

Feedback by Eiso&Homan (2023.03.01)

Consolidated comments: GoogleDrive, Weiyun  (2023.03.07)

Feedback by John Knightley (2023.03.15)

2nd Feedback by John Kighley (2023.03.20 )

ORT AutoprocessList by Henry (2023.03.21)

Feedback by Tianhang on Han Ligatures (2023.03.22)

CommentsbyTCA (2023.03.24)

FeedbackbySAT (2023.03.24)

IRG WS 2021 V. 4.0 IRG  
IRGN2580 (Updated 2022.10.18) T-Source Glyph and Codes Update TCA 2022.10.12

IRGN2579 (2022.10.14)

Feedback by Wang Xieyang (2023.10.17)

Suggestions for Taoism Sacral Characters Encoding  TCA 2022.10.12

IRGN2578 (2022.10.12)

Feedback Huang Junliang(2023.03.15)

Comments on encoding early Chinese organic chemical character in WS2021 and other complex ideographs Eiso Chan 2022.10.12

IRGN2577 (2022.10.12)

TCAResponse (2023.03.16)

 Request to update glyph for U+31D5A Henry Chan, Woo Chi Chung 2022.10.11
IRGN2576 (2022.10.05) Request to add four new UCVs and expand one UCV Eiso Chan 2022.10.05

IRGN2575 (2022.10.05)

MSARG Response (2022.10.12)

TCAFeedback (2022.10.14)

Request to confirm three latent M-Source glyphs in the Unification Framework of Chinese Characters Encoding for the Information Systems of Macao SAR and other related issues for TCA and UTC Eiso Chan 2022.10.05
IRGN2574 (2022.09.07)
Proposal to correct inconsistent total strokes data in the Unihan database
Ken Lunde 2022.09.06
IRGN2573CoverPage + Part1, Part2, and Part3 (2023.12.01) ROK Normalization Rules Version 1.6 ROK 2022.08.25

IRGN2572 (2022.08.25)

SAT Feedback (2022.08.31)

Feedback by Fan Ming (2022.09.03)

Proposal to encode 5 new ideograph description characters John Jenkins, Andrew West, and Ken Lunde 2022.08.25
IRGN2571 (2022.10.20) IRG #59 Misc Editorial Report    

IRGN2570 draft (latest 2022.10.19)

IRGN2570Confirmed 2022.10.22(HKTime)

IRG #59 Recommendations IRG 2022.08.17

IRGN2569 (2022.10.20)

AppendixA WS2021Discussion Result on Google, on Weiyun(2023.01.11)

IRG #59 Editorial Report(WS 2021) IRG 2022.08.17
IRGN2568 (2022.10.14) Vietnam Activity Report Vietnam 2022.08.17
IRGN2567 (2022.09.07) USA/Unicode Activity Report USA/Unicode 2022.08.17
IRGN2566 (2022.10.15) UK Activity Report UK 2022.08.17
IRGN2565 (2022.10.14) TCA Activity Report TCA 2022.08.17
IRGN2564 (2022.10.16) SAT Activity Report SAT 2022.08.17
IRGN2563 (2022.10.14) ROK Activity Report ROK 2022.08.17
IRGN2562 (2022.10.12) MSARG Activity Report MSARG 2022.08.17
IRGN2561 (2022.10.05) HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2022.08.17
IRGN2560 (2022.10.14) China Activity Report China 2022.08.17
IRGN2559 (2022.08.17) Updated email list IRG 2022.08.17
IRGN2558 (2022.10.12) Participants List IRG 2022.08.17
IRGN2557 (2022.08.17) 1st Call for IRG Meeting #59 IRG Convenor 2022.08.17

IRGN2556 (2022.05.11)

Feedback By Shen Tianheng(2022.05.17)

IRGN2556R (2022.05.31, updated on 2022.10.18)

Response to IRGN2556R by Shen Tianheng(2022.10.05)

IRGN2556R2 (2022.10.21)

V Source Glyph and Code Updates Vietnam 2022.05.09
IRGN2555 (2022.05.08) Errata of IRG WS 2017(Ext. H) Henry Chan 2022.05.02

IRGN2554 (2022.04.30)

IRGN2554R (2022.10.14)

Feedback Eiso (2022.10.17)

Explanation of Taiwan's Household Registration Information System and database management TCA 2022.04.28
IRGN2553 (2022.04.12) Change to V-Source Glyph for U+2143F Vietnam 2022.04.09
IRGN2552 (2022.09.07) IRG Disunified characters from IRG#45 to IRG#58 IRG 2022.03.17

IRGN2551 (2022.07.28)

Feedback by Eiso (2022.09.27)

Response by Ken Lunde and Lee Colins (2022.09.28)

Feedback by Fan Ming(2022.10.05)

Feedback by John Knightley (2022.10.05)

Feedback by Andrew West (2022.10.05)

Feedback by Ken Lunde (2022.10.05)

Feedback by ROK (2022.10.14)

2nd Feedback by John Knightley (2022.10.16/updated 2023.03.16)

Restriction on encoding of modern self-created characters IRG 2022.03.17
IRGN2550 (2022.04.07 confirmed at IRG#59) IWDS Principles and Procedures(update) IRG 2022.03.15

IRGN2549 AttributeFile (2022.04.15)

Updated AttributeFile, Summary of import to ORT (2022.05.23)

CodeChart at Google Drive, Weiyun (2022.05.30)

Consolidated Comments Google Drive, Weiyun , IRG ORT (2022.08.02)

 ROK Response (Updated on 2022.10.18)

Eiso response to ROK (2022.10.15)

IRG WS 2021 V3.0 IRG 2022.03.15
IRGN2548GoogleDrive, IRGN2548Weiyun (2022.04.07) Updated UCV for confirmation by IRG#59 IRG 2022.03.14
IRGN2547 (2022.03.07) Propose to introduce level in UCVs Yi Bai, Eiso Chan, Henry Chan, Tao Yang, Wang Yifan 2022.03.06
IRGN2546 (2022.03.09) Response on normalization and meaning issues of TCA characters in WS 2021 TCA 2022.02.28
IRGN2545 (2022.02.28) G glyph for U+48B4 Jaemin Chung 2022.02.26

IRGN2544 (2022.02.25)

New mapping table (2022.03.14)

AttributeTable (2022.03.18)

IRG WS 2017 V7.1 with code range change to U+31350 - U+323AF Unicode 2022.02.25

IRGN2543 (2022.02.20)

Feedback in TCA feedback to IRGN2538 (2022.03.11)

China Feedback (2022.03.13)

Feedbackby HKSARG (2022.08.04)


Proposal to disunify U+5F50 into three separate ideographs—redux
Ken Lunde 2022.02.17
IRGN2542 (2022.02.16) Proposal to replace GU-source by normal G-source Tianheng Shen 2022.02.16
IRGN2541 (2022.02.16) V-source issues Tianheng Shen 2022.02.15

IRGN2540 (2022.02.15)

FeedbackbyHenry (2022.03.18)

Feedbackby HKSARG (2022.08.04)

Request to discuss how to handle the Sanban Sign for Chinese folk music and local operas Eisho Chan 2022.02.15

IRGN2539 (2022.02.04)

FeedbackbyKushim (2022.03.31)

Feedbackby HKSARG (2022.08.04)

Error Report: CJK chart 4E30 mixed up Unicode 2022.02.03

IRGN2538 (updated on 2022.02.28), PDF version

Feedback by Eiso Chan (2022.02.18)

FeedbackTCA (2022.03.11)

FeedbackChina (2022.03.13)

Urgently Needed Characters from MSARG(tentative) MSARG 2022.01.27

IRGN2537 (2022.01.11)

IRGN2537Part2 (2022.03.17)

Feedback by TCA (2022.03.11)

ResponsebyTianheng Shen (2022.03.12)

Disunification Request for 8 Characters Tianheng Shen 2022.01.11

IRGN2536Confirmed (2022.03.18)

AppendixA (2022.04.02)

AppendixB (2022.04.07)

IRG#58 Editorial Report IRG 2022.01.06

IRGN2535 (2022.03.12)


Vietnam Activity Report Vietnam 2022.01.06
IRGN2534 (2022.02.04) USA/Unicode Activity Report USA/Unicode 2022.01.06

IRGN2533 (2022.03.09)

Feedback by China (2022.03.17)

UK Activity Report UK 2022.01.06
IRGN2532 (2022.03.09) TCA Activity Report TCA 2022.01.06
IRGN2531 (2022.03.12) SAT Activity Report SAT 2022.01.06

IRGN2530draft (2022.03.18)


IRG #58 Recommendations IRG 2022.01.06
IRGN2529 (2022.03.12) ROK Activity Report ROK 2022.01.06
IRGN2528 (2022.03.11) MSARG Activity Report MSARG 2022.01.06
IRGN2527 (2022.03.02) HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2022.01.06
IRGN2526 (2022.03.12) China Activity Report China 2022.01.06
IRGN2525 draft(2022.04.15 ) Updated email list IRG 2022.01.06
IRGN2524 (Registered list as of 2022.03.07) Participants list IRG 2022.01.06
IRGN2523 (2022.01.06) First call for IRG meeting #58 (Online) Convenor 2022.01.06
IRGN2522 (2022.01.04)
On the encoding of Daoist-usage characters
UK 2022.01.04

IRGN2521 (2022.01.04)

Feedback by Wang Xieyang (2022.03.14)

On the encoding of modern self-created characters
UK 2022.04.04
IRGN2520 (2021.11.16) Request to remove the source reference for UK-02830 UK 2021.11.15

IRGN2519 (2021.10.13), Part2 (2022.01.11)

TCA Response (2022.03.09)

T Source Issues Tianheng Shen, Yi Bai  
IRGN2518 (2022.03.13) Suggestions in encoding Taoist Secret Characters Wang Xieyang  
IRGN2517 (2022.03.16) Collection of IRG disunified characters since IRG#45 V2.0 IRG  

IRGN2516Google, IRGN2516Weiyun (Updated Attribute file, 2021.11.22)

Consolidated Comments: Google DriveWeiyun (2022.02.11)

ROKFeedback (Updated on 2022.03.16)


IRG WS 2021 V2.0 IRG  

IRGN2515 draft1 (2022.03.07)

IRGN2515Confirmed (2022.03.17)

IRGN2514GoogleDrive, IRGN2514Weiyun (2021.10.04) New UCV examples IRG 2021.09.14

IRGN2513 (2021.09.22)

AttributeFile (2021.09.24)

IRG WS 2017 V7.0 IRG 2021.09.14

IRGN2512 (DataFile, MappingTable ) (2021.09.02)

Feedback by Eiso (2021.09.09)

IRGN2512Revised (Datafile, MappingTable, 2021.11.15)

A preliminary proposal requesting a Horizontal
Extension of 51 Hanja chars (once submitted for ExtF/G/H)
ROK 2021.08.16
IRGN2511 (2021.08.24)
Glyph issue for U+30759
Huang Junliang 2021.08.16

IRGN2510 (2021.08.15)

Feedback by Wang Xieyang (2021.09.05)

Feedback by TCA (2021.09.11)


DPRK Original proposal in WG2 (2002.05.22

DPRK original response in WG2 (2002.12.11)

Feedback by Ken Lunde (2021.09.12)

Response by Kushim Jiang (2022.02.21)

Disunification request for 3 characters Kushim Jiang 2021.08.15

IRGN2509 (2021.08.15)

Vietnam Feedback (2022.03.13)

Kushim Feedback (2022.03.13)


Disunification Request for +5F50  Alexander Zapryagaev 2021.08.14
IRGN2508, 128x128 char image: U+22ACF(2021.08.25) HKSCS minor glyph change request(tentative title) HKSARG 2021.08.13
IRGN2507 128x128 char images: U+2BB37, U+2D25D (2021.08.25) HKSCS Horizontal extension request(tentative title) HKSARG 2021.08.13

IRGN2506Confirmed (2021.09.17)

Appendix A confirmed on Google Drive, on Weiyun(2021.10.11)

Appendix B: UCV/NUCV  draft (updated 2021.09.23 9:30)

Feedbackby Yi Bai (2022.03.12)

IRG#57 Editorial Report IRG 2021.08.12
IRGN2505 (2021.09.09) Vietnam Activity Report Vietnam 2021.08.12
IRGN2504 (2021.08.17) USA/Unicode Activity Report USA/Unicode 2021.08.12
IRGN2503 (2021.09.11) UK Activity Report UK 2021.08.12
IRGN2502 (2021.09.10) TCA Activity Report TCA 2021.08.12
IRGN2501 (2021.09.10) SAT Activity Report SAT 2021.08.12

IRGN2500 Confirmed (2021.09.16)


IRG#57 Recommendations IRG 2021.08.12
IRGN2499 (2021.09.08) ROK Activity Report ROK 2021.08.12
IRGN2498 (2021.09.10) MSARG Activity Report MSARG 2021.08.12
IRGN2497 (2021.09.02) HKSARG Activty Report HKSARG 2021.08.12
IRGN2496 (2021.09.11)  China Activty Report China 2021.08.12
IRGN2495 (2021.09.11) IRG email list IRG 2021.08.12
IRGN2494 (2021.09.06) registered particpants IRG Participant list IRG 2021.08.12
IRGN2493 (2021.08.12) 1st Call for IRG#57 IRG Convenor 2021.08.12

IRGN2492 (2021.08.12)

Feedback by Eiso Chan (2021.09.08)

Preliminary proposal to add a new provisional kIDS property (Unihan) Ken Lunde and John Jenkins 2021.08.11

IRGN2491 (2021.04.14)

Feedback by TCA (2021.09.12)

IRGN2491R (updated on 2021.10.11)

Collection of Disunified characters since IRG#45 IRG Chief Editor 2021.04.14
IRGN2490 (Updated 2021.04.27) Proposal to modify source references of V-Source ideographs Vietnam 2021.04.13

IRGN2489 (Data file) Evidence files on Google Drive(Part1, Part2), Evidence files on Weiyun (Part1, Part2)


Vietnam submission to IRG Working Collection 2021 Vietnam 2021.04.12

IRGN2488(data file self extracting), Evidence file on Google Drive, Evidence file on Weiyun


UTC submission to IRG Working Collection 2021 UTC 2021.04.12
IRGN2487 (Data, Evidence file on Google Drive, Evidence file on Weiyun) 2021.05.09 UK submission to IRG Working Collection 2021 UK 2021.04.12

IRGN2486 (Data file, Evidence file on Google Drive, Evidence file on Weiyun)


TCA submission to IRG Working Collection 2021 TCA 2021.04.12

IRGN2485 (Data ) Evidence Files on Google Drive (Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4), Evidence Files on Weiyun (Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4)


Supplementary Components (2021.09.16)

SAT submission to IRG Working Collection 2021 SAT 2021.04.12

IRGN2484 ( Summary form, Data, Evidence file on Google Drive, Evidence file on Weiyun)


ROK submission to IRG Working Collection 2021 ROK 2021.04.12
IRGN2483 (HanData, Zhuang Data, Han Evidences on Google Drive, HanEvidences on Weiyun, Zhuang Evidences on Google Drive, Zhuang Evidences on Weiyun) 2021.05.09 China submission to IRG Working Collection 2021 China 2021.04.12

IRGN2482 (2021.09.05)

Feedback by Toby Tso (2021.09.16)

Feedback by ROK (Updated 2021.09.17 23:00)

Proposal to improve IRG process Wang Xieyang 2021.03.20
IRGN2481 (2021.09.06) Proposal to add New UCVs Henry Chan, Eiso Chan, and Yi Bai 2021.03.20

IRGN2480 (2021.08.18)

Codechart: GoogleDrive, Weiyun (2021.08.18)

Feedback on missing G char (2021.09.14)

IRG WS 2017 V6.1 IRG 2021.03.18
IRGN2479 (2021.03.17) UCS mapping for KP0-E5A9 Jaemin Chung 2021.03.17

IRGN2478 Google DriveWeiyun


The code chart:  Google Drive, Weiyun (2021.08.11)

Summary by Project Editor (2021.09.08)

Feedbackby Suzuki (2021.09.15)

IRG WS 2021 V1.0 IRG 2021.03.17
IRGN2477 (2021.03.17) UCV on Ghost Component Tao Yang 2021.03.17

Note that this set of files are updated with minor revision on June 11, 2021 to overwrite the previous version on 2021.03.31


Individual files

ROK response (2021.09.14)

Updated UCV #57 IWDS editor 2021.03.17

IRGN2475 (2021.07.12)

Attribute File (2021.08.18)

ConsolidatedComments (2021.08.18)

IRG WS 2017 V6.0(Draft Code Chart of Ext. H)

Michel Suguard

and IRG


IRGN2474 1st Draft (2021.04.12)

Feedback by Henry Chan, Eiso Chan, and Yi Bai (2021.09.06)

Feedback by TCA (2021.09.11)

IRGN2474Confirmed (2021.09.24)

IRG PnP V14 IRG 2021.03.17
IRGN2473 (2021.03.14) Suggest to Submitt TT Font for WS2021 Henry Chan 2021.03.12

IRGN2472 (2021.03.12)

FeedbackbyKim (2021.03.13)

 Considerations of IRGN2225 and decomposition strategy for IDS TCA 2021.03.12
IRGN2471 (2021.03.12) Request for changing T-Sources of two Ideographs TCA 2021.03.12
IRGN2470 (2021.03.09) Request to clarify some unclear evidences issues Wang Xieyang 2021.03.08

IRGN2469 (updated on 2021.03.05)

TCA Feedback (2021.03.10)

IRG WS 2017 Code Chart Michel Suignard 2021.03.03
IRGN2468 (Mapping table) (Updated on 2021.03.14) Horizontal Extension of 6  K6 Characters ROK  
IRGN2467 (2021.03.02) Suggestion to improve the workflow of IRG SAT 2021.02.25
IRGN2466 IRG WS 2017 Summary Form for WG2 submission IRG 2021.02.18
IRGN2465Table1 Table2, Table 3 (UTF-8) (2021.03.09)

Mapping Table between WS SN and UCS CP

Kim, Kyongsok 2021.02.15

IRGN2464Part1, Part2 (2021.03.09)

FeedbackYi Bai (2021.03.12)

FeedbackbySuzuki (2021.03.13)

A few considerations on CJK Supplementary Components for IDS

Kim, Kyongsok 2021.02.15

IRGN2463  (Updated 2021.04.07)

Appendix A: IRG WS 2017 Review report (2021.03.17)

Appendix B: Possible H Extension candidates (2021.03.17)

Appendix C: New UCV list (2021.03.17)

Appendix D: #53UCV and NUCV updates


IRG #56 Editorial Report IRG 2021.02.03
IRGN2461 (2021.03.11) UK Activity Report UK 2021.02.03
IRG2456 Macao Response to Eiso (2022.10.12) Macao Response to Eiso's feedback to for IRG#56 Macao activity report MSARG 2022.10.22
IRGN2455 Japan Activity Report(not used) Japan 2021.02.03
IRGN2453 (2021.03.08) China Activity Report China 2021.02.03
IRGN2451 (2021.03.12) to be confirmed at #56 IRG#56 Participants List IRGN Convenor 2021.02.03

IRGN2450 initial draft (2021.03.18)

IRGN2450Confirmed (updated 2021.04.07)

IRG#56 Recommendations IRG Convenor 2021.02.03
IRGN2449 (2021.02.04) 1st Call for IRG #56(Online meeting) IRG Convenor 2021.02.03