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IRGN1403 1st call for IRG Meeting No 30 Rapporteur 2008.03.06
IRGN1402 IRG Meeting No 30 Logistics ROK 2008.03.06
IRGN 13411

1401(Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6),

Mapping Tables(.rar)

Misc. Tables(.rar)

Mapping Tables(.zip)

Misc. Tables(.zip)

CJK D 3.0 Wang Xiao Ming 2008.01.29
IRGN 1340 1400   Ken Lunde/John Knightley 2008.01.23
IRGN 1397 Annex S Review Ad Hoc Group Report Annex S Ad Hoc Group 2007.11.15
IRGN 1396 Annex Rewrite John Jenkins and Ken Lunde 2007.11.15
IRGN1395 Further examples to suggest possible dis-unification of specific CJK Compatibility Ideographs Taichi Kawabata 2007.11.15
IRGN 1394 A Proposal to process the ~10K remaining Urgently needed characters ROK 2007.11.15
IRGN 1393

(mapping table)

Ext. C v11 IRG 2007.11.15
IRGN 1392(Revised) Ext. C Correction Request to WG2 IRG 2007.11.15
IRGN 1391 Additional Input for Annex S Japan 2007.11.14
IRGN 1390 CDL: Character Description Language Richard Cook/Tom Bishops 2007.11.14
IRGN 1389 IVS Data Ken Lunde 2007.11.14
IRGN 1388 (Appendix1, Appendix2) Editorial Group Report Editorial Group 2007.11.14
IRGN 1387(Newly revised) Additional Annex S Table Ken Lunde 2007.11.14
IRGN 1386(Appendix P1, P2, P3, P4) Issues on Urgently Needed Characters China 2007.11.14
IRGN 1385 TCA Response to Ext.D editorial work TCA 2007.11.14
IRGN 1384 China Response to Ext. D editorial Work China 2007.11.14
IRGN 1383 Comments on Annex S Richard Cook 2007.11.15
IRGN 1382 UTC Recommendations for IRG Principles and Procedures Unicode 2007.11.14
IRGN 1381


Ext. B Visual Reference Table(To obtain from Chen Zhuang during IRG 29) IRG 2007.11.13
IRGN 1380

(IDS Report, IDStable)

Urgently Needed Characters (Consolidated List) IRG 2007.11.13
IRGN 1379 Comments on CJK_C V10 TCA 2007.11.12
IRGN 1378 Proposed corrections to CJK_D v2.2 ROK 2007.11.12
IRGN 1377


IRG#29 Resolution

(IRGN1377_2 is the draft IRG #29 meeting minutes)


Rapporteur 2007.11.12
IRGN 1376 IRGN#29  Participant List Rapporteur 2007.11.12
IRGN 1375 Updated IRG email list Rapporteur 2007.11.12
IRGN 1374 Ideographic Variation Sequences-Implementation Details Ken Lunde 2007.11.10
IRGN 1373 Twenty-one kanji to be considered for unification Ken Lunde 2007.11.10
IRGN 1372 On better use of IDS for IRG development process Taichi Kawabata 2007.11.09
IRGN 1371(updated) Further Annex S issues John Knightley 2007.11.09
IRGN 1370

Appendix(Excel file)

Urgently Needed Characters Vietnam 2007.11.08
IRGN 1369(Character table P1, P2, P3, P4)


Urgently needed Characters(Full list .pdf will be supplied during IRG#29)
ROK 2007.11.06
IRGN 1368
A request to change technical contact  of Rep. of KOREA
ROK 2007.11.07
IRGN 1367(Font embedded now)

Appendix(mapping table)

Additional Evidence Part1(Ken Lunde)

Additional Evidence Part2(Ken Lunde)


Urgent-Need ideographs Japan Submission
(Reference information can be copied from the following two links directly)
Japan 2007.11.04
IRGN 1366
Urgently needed characters 
China 2007.10.31
IRGN 1365 Vietnam Activity Report Vietnam 2007.10.29
IRGN 1364(Glyph Table, Source TablePDF, Source TableText) Urgent needed characters Unicode Unicode 2007.11.08
IRGN 1363 Unicode Activity Report Unicode 2007.10.29
IRGN 1362 TCA Activity Report TCA 2007.10.29
IRGN 1361 R.O.Korea Activity Report ROK 2007.10.29
IRGN 1360 MSARG Activity Report MSARG 2007.10.29
IRGN 1359 Japan Activity Report Japan 2007.10.29
IRGN 1358 HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2007.10.29
IRGN 1357 Presenting Evidence John Knightley 2007.11.13
IRGN 1356 China's Activity Report China 2007.10.29
IRGN 1355 Hosting IRG #30 ROK 2007.11.13
IRGN 1354 Response to IRGN 1347 UK 2007.11.12
IRGN 1353(Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5)

Mapping tables(NEW)


CJK D V2.2 Wang Xiao Ming 2007.10.29
IRGN 1352 WG2 #51 Resolution(with IRG related issues highlighted) WG2 2007.10.29
IRGN 1351 Ext. C v10(includes mapping table) Wang Xiao Ming 2007.10.29
IRGN 1350(Appendices A_P1, A_P2, B, C, D)


Consolidated Comments on Annex S Revision

Appendix A: Unifiable, B:non-unifiable, C:New Section, D: error list

Annex S Ad Hoc(John Knightley) 2007.10.29
IRGN 1349 IRG Font Production Requirements(To be supplied to IRG technical editor only) Yasuhiro Anan 2007.10.22
IRGN 1348
Confirmation of seven glyphs in CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPHS EXTENSION C
Japan 2007.10.05
IRGN 1347


Additional Evidences(by Ken Lunde)

Proposal to encode six CJK ideographs in UCS Japan 2007.09.18
IRGN 1346 (A, B) Input to Old Hanzi Group DR. Suzuki, Atsushi (Japan) 2007.09.09
IRGN 1345 Consolidated Old Hanzi of Sept meeting Old Hanzi Group 2007.08.31
IRGN 1344 Old Hanzi Submission from China for Sept. meeting China 2007.08.31
IRGN 1343 Old Hanzi Submission from TCA for Sept. meeting TCA 2007.08.31
IRG N 1342(obsolete)

IRGN1342R(change of date)

Logistics of Old Hanzi Special Meeting

Please note the change of time

Li Guao Ying 2007.08.07
IRGN 1341 Part1, Part2, Part3, Mapping CJK_D v2.0 Wang Xiao Ming 2007.07.13
IRGN 1340 (Appendix A, Appendix B)

IRGN1340R(updated with more hotels)

1st Call for IRG Meeting #29(Appendix A: Meeting Place Map, Appendix B: Direction and Hotel Info) Rapporteur 2007.07.11
IRGN 1339 (Appendix A) IRG Meeting #29 Meeting Logisitics(Appendix A: Invitation Letter Sample) Unicode 2007.07.11
IRGN 1338 Vietnam's response to IRGN 1328 Vietnam 2007.07.10
IRGN 1337 Old Hanzi Group Report of the Inter-IRG Meeting Sept, 2007 Old Hanzi Group 2007.06.07
IRGN 1336 Not Used Old Hanzi Group 2007.06.07
All documents below should be downloaded from IRG 28 website except the highlighted ones when available.      
IRGN 1335 Response to WG2 on Security Issue of IICore IRG 2007.06.06
IRGN 1334 Further Analysis IRGN 1316 C Anan 2007.06.06
IRGN 1333 Further Evidence for Extension C from China China 2007.06.06
IRGN 1332 Response to IRGN 1316 B China 2007.06.06
IRGN 1331 Request for Change of Glyphs to Characters in CJK C pDam5 IRG 2007.06.05
IRGN 1330 Request for Removal of Characters from CJK C pDam 5 IRG 2007.06.05
IRGN 1329 Part1, Part2, Mapping Table, Notes CJK C9.1 IRG 2007.06.05
IRGN 1328(Part1, Part2, Part3)

CJKC 9.0 MappingTable

RemoveToDTable, UnifiedTable



CJK C 9.0

(RemovedToDTable, UnifiedTable, and Glyph ChangeTable should be the same as in  Part B of IRGN 1319)

IRG 2007.06.05
IRGN1327 Proposal to Code Proper Names in Separate Blocks Lu Qin 2007.06.05
IRGN1326 Macao Comments on IDS Analysis to IRGN1298 MSARG 2007.06.05
IRGN1325 Old Hanzi Expert Group Report Old Hanzi Expert Group 2007.06.05
IRGN1324(Appendix) Additional Characters for Ext. D Yin Jiang Hong 2007.06.05
IRGN1323 Further Evidence for Extension C from Vietnam Vietnam 2007.06.05
IRGN1322 Further Evidence for Extension C from ROK ROK 2007.06.05
IRGN1321 Final Ext. D Editorial Group Report Ext. D Editorial Group 2007.06.04
IRGN1320 Annex S Extension Report Ext. C Editorial Group 2007.06.04
IRGN1319( A1Revised, A2Revised, A3, B)Revised Final Ext. C Editorial Group Report Ext. C Editorial Group 2007.06.04
IRGN1318( Attachment, Not uploaded because the document a large font file)

Proposal to replace 11 KP source references to existing ISO/IEC 10646:2003


DPRK 2007.06.04
IRGN1317 Summary Response to Comments on CJK C in pDam4 CJK Adhoc at WG2Meeting 50 2007.06.04
IRG1316(A, B, C Revised) Ext. C remaining questionable characters John Knightley and Anan San 2007.06.04
RFC3743 Joint Engineering Team (JET) Guidelines for
Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Registration and
Administration for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
Network Working Group Outside Source
IRGN 1132(Old document) Super CJK Defect Report(for reference)    
IRGN1315(Appendix) CJK D Unifiable Characters Wang Xiao Ming 2007.06.04
IRGN1314 New(2007.06.20) IRG Meeting Minutes Rapporteur 2007.06.04
IRGN1313 Final IRG Meeting 28 Resolution Rapporteur 2007.06.04
IRGN 1312 Amendment 4 Disposition Comments WG2 N3261 with Highlight by Rapporteur 2007.06.01
Review of CJK Repertoire
WG2 N3244, by UK 2007.05.31
IRGN1310 Necessary and Sufficient Evidence John Knightley 2007.05.30
IRGN1309 Proposition to clarify the development process Japan 2007.05.30
IRGN1308(New AppendixA, AppendixB) Proposed Extension to Annex S John Knightley 2007.05.29
IRGN1307(AppendixA, B, C, D) China Submission of Old Hanzi China 2007.05.29
IRGN1306(Appendix) Withdraw of some characters from Ext. D TCA 2007.05.29
IRGN1305(Appendix) Additional 24 characters for inclusion in Ext. D TCA 2007.05.29
IRGN1304( Appendix A and B are too large for upload ) Consolidated Old Hanzi(Appendix A and B will be distributed during IRG meeting) TCA 2007.05.29
IRGN1303( Appendix ) TCA submission of Old Hanzi TCA 2007.05.29
IRGN1302 Suggestion on revising CJK Unification Rules Mr. Chen Zhuang 2007.05.25
IRGN1301 Japan's concern on the PDAM4 ballot comment disposition regarding CJK extension C and suggestion to continue reviewing for PDAM5 ballot Japan 2007.05.25
IRGN1300 Consolidation List of Macao Characters Submitted to CJK C & D MSARG 2007.05.23
IRGN1299 Ext. C IDS Analysis Anan 2007.05.22

Appendix (updated 30/05/07)

Japan, UTC


IDS Analysis of Extension D submissions Kawabata Taichi 2007.05.22
IRGN1297 Removal of a duplicate character Macao SAR 2007.05.17
IRGN1296 WG2 #50 Resolution(with highlights by IRG Rapperteur) WG2 2007.05.14
IRGN1295 IRG #28 Email list update IRG 2007.05.14
IRGN1294 IRG #28 Participant's list IRG 2007.05.14
IRGN1293 Vietnam Activity Report Vietnam 2007.05.14
IRGN1292 U.S.A U.S.A. 2007.05.14
IRGN1291(AppendixA , AppendixB)New Unicode Extension D(Revised) Unicode 2007.05.14(reassigned)
IRGN1290 TCA Activity Report TCA 2007.05.14
IRGN1289 R.O.Korea Activity Report R.O.Korea 2007.05.14
IRGN1288 MSARG Activity Report MSARG 2007.05.14
IRGN1287 Japan Activity Report Japan 2007.05.14
IRGN1286 HKSARG Activity Report HKSARG 2007.05.14
IRGN1285 D.P.R.Korea Activity Report D.P.R.Korea 2007.05.14
IRGN1284 China Activity Report China 2007.05.14
IRGN1283 21 Repetition characters in C1 Remainder Technical Editor 2007.05.14
IRGN1282R(Appendix) 2nd Call for IRG Meeting #28 IRG 2007.05.14
IRGN 1282(Appendix) 1st Call for IRG Meeting #28 IRG 2007.04.17
IRGN 1281 CJK Ext. D TCA Submission TCA 2007.03.30
IRGN 1280 IRG Meeting 28 Logistics China 2007.03.30
IRGN 1279(AppendixA, Appendix B) CJK Ext. D. VietNam Submission Vietnam 2007.03.02
IRGN 1278 CJK Ext. D Unicode Submission Unicode 2007.03.02
IRGN 1277 (Updated on 31/05/07. Please download Appendix from the site given at the top of this page) CJK Ex.t D Japan Submission Japan 2007.03.02
IRGN 1276 CJK Ext. D China Submission China 2007.03.02
IRGN 1275 CJK Ext. D DPRK Submission DPRK 2007.03.02
IRGN 1274 Proposal to Include Macao Supplementary Characters into ISO/IEC 10646 (Adjustment)" Macao SARG 2007.01.11
IRGN 1273 CJK Ext. D. V1.1 IRG 2006.11.30
IRGN 1272(Part1, Part2, Part3,Part4, MappingTable) CJK Ext. D V1.0 IRG 2006.11.30